You can make an inquiry about this product. Your e-mail will not be leaked. This material is heated and applied to road surfaces in a molten state using a mechanical applicator. While still hot, reflectorizing glass beads are applied to the surface of the applied thermoplastic striping material. Upon cooling to normal pavement temperatures this material shall produce durable, adherent, retroreflective traffic stripes and pavement markings that are capable of resisting deformation by traffic.

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The excellent qualities are characterised by the following. High Durability Compared to normal road paints, thermoplastic is hard wearing and is highly durable under all weather and traffic conditions. Its average life span is two to three years under normal traffic condition. Excellent Adhesion The selective combination of high grade hydrocarbon resins coupled with the hot applied method of the material provides an extremely strong bond between the material and the road surface substrate.

High Skid Resistance Aggregate materials of selected sizes are used in the product mixture and tested thoroughly to provide maximum required skid resistance for better road safety. Fast Drying Time The product dries within three minutes and traffic may be released in 5 minutes after line marking operation. Product Composition The product is made up of filler mater materials, extender, plastisizer, pigment, reflective glass beads and a specially formulated hydrocarbon resin binder.

Based on a line thickness of 1. Meters per metric ton of material or 3. Packed in 25 kgs thermo degradable plastic bags. It consists of maleic-modified glycerol ester resin, titanium dioxide and chrome yellow pigment, extenders, incorporated with reflective glassbeads to make high reflective effectiveness when get incident light. It is resistant to abrasion, chemicals, petrol and weather, not influence to workers and environment. It is used for the drawing of ruled lines on asphalt or concrete surface and for road traffic signals, enhances traffic safety for transports and person.


Camino marcado de pintura AASHTO M249 estándar de alto reflexivo termoplástico Joline



AASHTO M249 Thermoplastic Paints


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