There seems to be some debate as to whether or not this story is in the public domain with at least one site claiming that it is, but after modest research I have concluded that it is not. It was originally published in Esquire Magazine in December of , and they definitely renewed their copyright: "Esquire: issues renewed from autumn v. You may also enjoy reading our collection of Dystopian Stories. He has built his farm up through hard work and ingenuity.

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Instead of fleeing, he prepares elaborate defenses to fight the ants and save his plantation. Although he gives his workers an opportunity to leave, some of them remain to help out of respect for their employer. Leiningen and his workers prepare an elaborate array of moats, levees, dams and canals. They also use gasoline to burn the ants. For days they persevere against the encroaching ants, killing many of them, but gradually Leiningen and his workers are forced back to the hill on which the plantation house sits.

It appears as if the ants are going to overrun the plantation and obliterate the survivors. Leiningen comes up with a desperate plan to flood the entire plantation with water from a dam 2 miles away. To get there, though, he has to run straight through the ants. He wraps himself in petroleum-soaked clothing and makes a run for the dam.

After turning the wheel to release the river water, he makes it back to his workers, although he is badly wounded. In the final scene, Leiningen lies in bed recovering, and the ants are gone. Similar Articles.


What Is the Summary of "Leiningen Versus the Ants"?

Plot summary[ edit ] Leiningen, the owner of a plantation in the Brazilian rainforest , is warned by the district commissioner that a swarm of ferocious and organised soldier ants is approaching and that he must flee. Unlike his neighbours, Leiningen is not about to give up years of hard work and planning to "an act of God", as he believes in the superiority of the human brain and has already made preparations. He convinces his workers to stay and fight with him. When the ants reach his estate, Leiningen seals it by filling a moat that surrounds it on three sides, the fourth being a river. The ants attempt to cross over by covering the waters with tree leaves, but he thwarts them repeatedly by emptying then flooding the moat. Eventually, the ants breach that line of defence and the men retreat behind a second moat, this time filled with petrol.


Leiningen Versus the Ants

Leiningen ist bereit sein Leben und die Lebensgrundlage der gesamten Pflanzung im Kampf gegen die Ameisenmassen zu opfern. Both are available online for free. The review is of the radio script only. This is a great adventure story, though it indulges in racial and gender stereotypes to an uncomfortable extent. It puts forward the ideal of a heroic individual fighting against evil the ants without help from a cowardly, self-interested public.

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