Dazilkree Because the purpose of reviewing a sample of returns was to determine how the TeleFile users filed inwe wanted to remove from our population the taxpayers that would have been unable to use TeleFile inif the Program had continued. The computations in this appendix may not be able to be replicated due to rounding. The data extracted alone were not sufficient to determine if a taxpayer met all the requirements to be eligible to use TeleFile. We have indications that, if corrected, the differences among the processing methods may not have justified eliminating the TeleFile Program when the IRS did. November — The IRS Oversight Board reported that TeleFile would mansas to provide valuable access to an electronic medium for taxpayers with simple tax returns. Direct debit for the TeleFile Program was established.

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Amending Your Return If your return is based on a calendar year, it must be filed and the tax paid no later than April 15, If your return is based on a fiscal year, your Kansas return is due the 15th day of the 4th month following the end of your fiscal year. The instructions in this booklet assume a calendar year taxpayer. By using an electronic filing option and the direct debit payment method, you can file your return at any time and your bank account will not be debited until the due date of the return.

See instructions for this payment option on page If the amended return will result in a refund to you, the amended return may be filed within three 3 years of when the original return was filed, or within two 2 years from the date the tax was paid, whichever is later. Please use the pre-addressed envelope in this tax booklet to mail your tax return.

This envelope is designed for use in our automated mail-opening equipment and will expedite the processing of your return. Specialized schedules and forms are available from our Taxpayer Assistance Office, or by calling our voice mail forms request line at and from our web site: www. If you are unable to complete your Kansas return by the filing deadline, you may request an extension of time to file.

If you filed Form with the Internal Revenue Service for an automatic four-month extension to file, enclose a copy of this form with your completed Form K to automatically receive a four-month extension to file your Kansas return. Kansas does not have a separate extension request form. If you are entitled to a refund, an extension is not required to file the return after the original due date. Important: An extension of time to file is NOT an extension to pay. If you do not pay the tax amount due may be estimated by the original due date, you will owe interest and may also be charged a penalty on any balance due.

To pay the tax balance due for an extension, use the Kansas Payment Voucher KV located in this book. Check the box on the KV indicating extension payment.

If you file Form K using a Kansas address, you do not need to include a copy of your Federal return. However, keep a copy as it may be requested by the Kansas Department of Revenue at a later date. If you have self-employment income or other income not subject to Kansas withholding, you may be required to file estimated income tax voucher to prepay your Kansas Income Tax. To make estimated tax payments, obtain Form KES, the Kansas estimated tax vouchers and instructions.

If two-thirds of your income is from farming or fishing, you are not required to make estimated tax payments if your return is filed and tax is paid on or before March 1, Use Schedule K, in this booklet, to see if you will have a penalty or if you qualify for one of the exceptions to the penalty.

For and all subsequent tax years, Form K is used to amend your return. For tax years prior to , you must use a Form KX for the year you are amending. If your amended federal return is adjusted or disallowed, it is necessary to provide the Kansas Department of Revenue with a copy of the adjustment or denial letter. If you did not file a Kansas return when you filed your original federal return, and the federal return has since been amended or adjusted, use the information on the amended or adjusted federal return to complete your original Kansas return.

A copy of both the original and amended federal returns should be enclosed with the Kansas return along with an explanation of the changes. Failure to properly notify the Director of Taxation within the day period will cause the statute of limitations to remain open Department of Revenue could make assessments for as many years back as necessary.





Complete Income Tax Booklet - Kansas Department of Revenue



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