The Duos are comprised entirely of folk-inspired music whose geographical and cultural compass includes Ukraine, Serbia, Hungary, and other Slovak regions, as well as music from the Arabic world. While they share with works like For Children and Ten Easy Pieces a folk music-based pedagogical purpose, they perhaps have more in common with Mikrokosmos in that above and beyond their practical use, both are possessed of undeniable musical interest and value. Like some of the pieces in Mikrokosmos, the Duos are constructed with considerable harmonic and contrapuntal sophistication, and, despite their use of folk tunes, are written in a distinctly modern idiom. The result is a collection suitable for young players -- the textures are simple, double stops are used only occasionally, and aside from some pizzicato passages, no special bowing or other playing techniques are required. Nonetheless, they are rife with aurally challenging bitonal passages, polyrhythms, and plenty of brash dissonances. In , Doflein published 32 of the Duos in his first-level book of violin pieces for students.

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Teasing song. Andnate E major Maypole dance. Andnate G major Menuetto. Moderato G major Midsummer night song. Risoluto A major Slovakian song 1. Molto moderato E major Hungarian song 1. Moderatamente mosso E minor Walachian song. Allegro moderato D minor Slovakian song 2. Andante E phyrgian Play song. Allegro non troppo G lydian Ruthenian song. Andante E phyrgian Cradle song. Lento religioso B mixolydian Wedding song. Adagio A mixolydian Pillow dance.

Allegretto A mixolydian Heft 2 Maestoso G major Hangarian march 1. Tempo di marcia, allegramente A major Hangarian march 2. Tempo di marcia D dorian A fairy Tale. Molto tranquillo B locrian A rhythm song. Allegretto A dorian Mosquito dance. Allegro molto A phrygian Lento rubato D minor Comic song. Allegro scherzando D major Hungarian song 2. Allegretto, leggero A minor Heft 3 Scherzando A major Limping dance.

Allegro non troppo A major Lento, poco rebato A minor Tempo giusto B phrygian Allegro E minor Allegro non troppo F major Allegro giocoso D dorian Harvest song.

Counting song. Ruthenian Kolomejka. Allegro A dorian Allegro molto A mixolydian 36a. A 36 Sz. Allegro molto A mixolydian Heft 4 Prelude and canon. Lento B dorian Romanian whirling dance. Allegro D major Serbian dance. Rumanian dance. Comodo G minor Vivace D major Arabian song. Allegro A minor Allegretto E minor Transylvanian dance.


44 Duos for 2 Violins, Sz.98 (Bartók, Béla)



Duos (44) for 2 violins, Volumes 1-4, Sz. 98, BB 104


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