Aug 26, Steve Holden rated it really liked it This is a good sequel the folktale. The village has been freed of the dangers of Abiyoyo, but new dangers emerge. Floods and then a drought endanger the village and all inhabitants. The power of song and the worth of all in the village must again join together to help save the village once more. I had never read this one, but with the rediscovery of Abiyoyo, I had to look for and check this one out.

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With these Abiyoyo lessons you will be listening to the audio version of the tale, doing role playing, experimenting with shadow creatures and more. Prepare and Read Abiyoyo Before presenting this book to the class it is important to familiarize yourself with the text. You will want to assume the role as a storyteller and be able to tell the story with expression and not depend on following every word. Then you can sing to your students as the father and the boy sang to Abiyoyo.

Sing faster and faster as they did to make the giant fall to the ground. Now it is time to read the story through to your students.

Provide a globe to show them South Africa ; the origin of the story. Wait until you have completed the story before you ask for questions and comments. Then ask questions of your own: How did the boy bother the people? What is a ukulele? Sometimes spelled ukulele What did the father do to annoy the village people?

Would it bother you to have important things disappear? What does ostracize mean? Why did the boy and the father play the music faster and faster to Abiyoyo?

Why did the people allow the father and the boy back into the village? Theo the Lion reads the African folk story and it has wonderful sound effects to go with it. The performance is available on their website. The CD that comes with the book has two versions of Pete Seeger telling the story and, of course, he sings the song, too. The version was done in front of an audience so you will hear the audience responding.

My preference would be to listen to the version. Both versions are included on the CD. Role Playing.


Abiyoyo Returns



Abiyoyo Lessons with Printables


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