Interested in a FREE demo? Call or complete this form to submit your request. The is the culmination of years of analyzing how megohmmeters are used in everyday applications and incorporating advanced features and functions to automate and facilitate the testing process for these applications. The PI ratio times are also user defined.

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For multi-layer insulation, if one of the layers is defective, but all the others show strong resistance, the calculation of the PI and PAR ratios is not sufficient to show this type of problem. This test measures the dielectric absorption of heterogeneous or multi-layer insu- lation while ignoring the parallel-surface leak currents. During or after measurement, the R-DAR-PI-DD button can be used to see the insulation measurement carried out, but it does not give the PI value since the measurement has not lasted long enough.

This function is also available on the Model , which has neither a read-write memory for saving measured data, nor an interface for data retrieval from the instrument by a PC.

Model Up to 20 samples can be recorded during measurement at the sample rate chosen in SET-UP the default value is 30 seconds. It is possible to save more than 20 samples depending on available memory.

Model The number of samples that can be saved is only limited by the memory space available. The sequencing will be , , , , and set. Use the Up Arrow Key to make your selection. Page Smooth Button Selects the desired parameter to be modified - the selected parameter flashes. It only has an effect on the displayed values which are smoothed and not the actual measurements.

For example, this function is useful when the displayed insulation values are highly unstable, brought about due to a capacitive component in the tested element.

As a general rule, two figures day, month, hour, min. In case they are accidentally changed, it is possible to get them back. This is for printing on a parallel printer via the serial-to- parallel adapter RS Centronics.


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