In addition, we provide a range of services including laboratory process development, preventive maintenance, equipment repair, and parts, coil repair facilities and installation services through its locations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. These units combined with state-of-the-art material handling designs enables ATM to supply a complete solution to your heat treating needs. Now, new HPD high power density systems provide faster melting, increased scheduling flexibility, and permit foundries to improve their product mix. As the leader in channel furnace technology, Ajax TOCCO has continued to refine the design of their world famous Jet Flow inductor, breaking the kW barrier and allowing the successful start up of the largest channel furnaces in the world.

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Consists of a Transformer charge is magnetically coupled to the primary winding and forms single-turn short circuited secondary. Secondary channel should not be emptied. Vertical crucible is used for the charge. Bottom is usually V-shaped or U-shaped. Molten metal is kept circulated round the V. Pinch effect is counteracted by the weight of the charge. Capable of continuous operation. Normal frequency can be used. AdvantageHighly efficient. Low operating cost.

Temperature control is simple. Comparatively higher p. A metal container forms the secondary of the transformer. Container is heated up by transformer action. Temperature control is done using different materials for the detachable bar. Rajendra- Electrical Engineer The limitation of core type induction furnace can be eliminated by use of vertical type furnace called Ajax-wyatt Furnace.

Construction :The furnace is narrow V-shaped. V shaped tendency of the molten metal is to get itself accumulated at the bottom and this helps at least a small amount of charge to be present for the secondary circuit to be completed. The probability of the discontinuity of the circuit is thus found to be less.

Pinch effects occurs in it. This causes an intense electromagnetic field to fluctuate in the iron core.

The metal acts a short circuited secondary and carries the induced currents. Heat is mainly generated in the V shaped portion as it has highest resistance due to small narrow section. This heat is rapidly distributed to the metal with the help of convection current and by electromagnetic forces. The heat ultimately results into melting of a charge.

Rajendra- Electrical Engineer Vertical crucible is used for the charge. Resistance R -can be controlled by switching in various combinations of groups of resistance of the furnace. Time t -can be controlled by an on-off switch, which determines the time for which the furnace is connected to supply or remain isolated from the supply. Rajendra- Electrical Engineer.


AJAX furnace

The metal holding chamber or hearth of this induction furnace has preferably a cylindrical shape. The furnace is equipped with three inductor units or inductor unit rows and these inductor units are attached to the circumference of the furnace casing below its horizontal center plane. The inductor units contain in the usual manner a primary transformer assembly and a secondary melting loop, the latter being threaded by the transformer assembly and being connected with the metal holding chamber or hearth of the furnace. In the normal operating position the melting loop of one inductor unit or inductor unit row extends through the vertical center plane of the furnace and the melting loops of the other inductor units or inductor unit rows are located laterally of the center inductor unit and extend through planes forming an acute angle with the vertical center plane of the furnace. The invention is concerned with the important problem of rotating or tilting the furnace in its various operating positions while maintaining the same in working order. The here appertaining operational particularities of a drum-type furnace of the present type are, as follows.


Core Type | Ajax Wyatt Furnace Working

These are basically induction heating machines. The induction heating works on the transformer principle. It is also known as eddy current heating. In these machines, the currents are induced by the principle of electromagnetic induction. It may be of low frequency as in the case of core type induction furnace or of high frequency as in the case of coreless induction furnaces. Direct Induction Heating In the direct induction heating, the eddy currents are produced within the material itself that is to be heated. Examples of direct induction heating are the high-frequency eddy current heating used for case hardening or tempering of various machine parts, annealing of steel strip, and soldering.

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