Books , Interviews Al Jourgensen , book , interview , Ministry , prescripture. Finally, he recently released a visual history Ministry: Prescripture available in a limited run of 2, copies. Jourgensen caught up with Decibel late last month to discuss going through his personal history vault and how self-acceptance comes with aging. You recently moved back to Los Angeles after years in Texas.

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Dimensions: 9. But where most rock and roll biographies and memoirs end in the subject s demise or redemption, the arc of this one is a lot murkier. Now, his tale is on display for the whole world to readA roller-coaster read. To live that lifestyle, a long one, is quite a feat, one that begs for a memoir, "Ministry," in stores now. Any Ministry or metal fan will be captivated for hours and hoursand anyone who isn t familiar with Ministry or Jourgensen will find everything they need to know in this book.

In other words, the guy s hilariousand "Ministry "provides a brilliant, dark comedic take on the very stuff that inspired Ministry s greatest albumsAl s book reads like a more accessible version of Burroughs "Junkie," "Naked Lunch," and the Nova Trilogy His deadpan humor and smart philosophical and political insights he s one of the most politically aware and truly progressive musicians on the planet save the book from being a downerAl s "Ministry" is so good that you ll just have to read it for yourself to have your side split and your thoughts provoked.

Just go out and grab a copy! Read the book. You re going to love it. Jourgensen is a great storyteller and the sheer insanity of his stories will no doubt keep people turning the pages. The book keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes you want more. Jourgensen s tale is funny, frightening, and oftentimes disturbing as he offers frank accounts of the business side of the industry, his wild life on the road, and his personal battles with drug and alcohol abuseYou don t have to be a Ministry fan to enjoy this bookA very interesting read.

They are becoming by far my favorite publishers of all books music! Too many of these autobiographies are nothing more than cash grabs filled with major errors, flawed editing and worse, it s great to see a publisher care as much about the reader as it does about their own wallets. His tale is as much shocking as it is cautionary. John Shelton Ivany Top 21, Issue A memoir both ugly and captivating, revealing Al Jourgensen as a man who lived a hard life his own way without making compromises.

As Jourgensen s first official biography, the Ministry singer s torrid life is recapped in colorful and uncensored anecdotes of Timothy Leary experiments, near-death experiences, FBI raids and alien encounters, many of which are set against the background of Chicago in the glory days of the Wax Trax! This autobiography is no different. After getting clean in , he produced another five Ministry discs and launched his own label, 13th Planet.

He lives in El Paso, Texas. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his family. Most helpful customer reviews 29 of 31 people found the following review helpful. Is this book funny? Is it at times disgusting, depraved, and disappointing? But, for true Ministry fans, this is a let down. There is absolutely no information about the creation of any of their albums. Yep, Uncle Al officially enters Billy Corgan territory. Go ahead and tell me that those guys contributions were blown out of proportion.

But, the fact remains, the best music you ever made was with those guys. A final note about Paul Barker - after reading this book I was left with one distinct impression, "Holy Crap!

Barker really held Ministry together all these years. If you love Ministry, you should read this book. However, this proved an exception. However, his antics are the stuff of legend - aliens, Spielberg, ostriches - yeah. So I was curious. I glanced through the preview pages, read enough to know that I had to have it, and pre-ordered it - something I never do - and even put down the book I was in the middle of reading to give this one priority. There is a human side to him, in which he touches on his grandmother, wife and daughter, dog Lemmy -- even Tim Leary whose picture he claims he still carries around in his wallet , but you only get fleeting glimpses of it before he delves back into all the debauchery.

His timeline of certain events is questionable despite the ghost writer supposedly having fact-checked them. He also blames the music industry for his drug addiction, despite his own admission that he was using IV drugs in his early teens. He has nothing whatsoever good to say about Chris Connelly, repeatedly calling him a "charlatan" but without explanation.

And he absolutely loathes Paul Barker, who the book attempts to portray as some kind of villain his wife, Angie, in her "intervention" segment, makes some rather serious allegations against Barker but provides no evidence - and refers to winning a lawsuit filed by Jourgensen that was, in actuality, tossed out of court.

Even more bizarre, Jourgensen despises his signature music and seems to resent his fan base as much as he does label execs for trying to steer his sound one way or another. He expects his fan base i.

But then he wants to be released from any obligation to play material from these records live and still expects fans to pay to see him in concert despite also admitting that he hates performing and would rather be anywhere other than on a stage. They always say, "You should never meet your idols But I knew that Al would have a great story to tell, and being a fan of rock bios and auto-bios this was one I had to get.

High points of the book are about girlfriends, including Aimee Mann!!! Another highlight of the book is that there are chapters and passages written by his partners-in-crime, including his wife Angie, Gibby, Jello - and even Mike Scaccia, writing from the dead.

Really top notch stuff. There are great passages where he writes about seeing the Ramones in Colorado with Jello Biafra in the audience, his friendships with Timothy Leary Sean Yseult got into this too in her book and William F Burroughs, hanging out with the Skinny Puppy guys, hanging out with KMFDM, hanging out with Anthrax, the death of Dimebag Darrell Ministry was playing in the same town as Damageplan the night he was shot , getting married in Graceland, and hanging out with Ronald Reagan Jr.

The photo section is pretty cool, although the cover shot - with multiple face piercings and blotchy tattoos - is extra gruesome and, well, makes you want to be careful about leaving it lying around the house. See all customer reviews


Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen

Its opening track, " N. However, its next album, Filth Pig , divided their fan base, leading to a commercial decline that became evident when Warner Bros. Records dropped them from the label in He related his conversation with Kubrick in an interview: Well, first of all, I hung up on him. I thought it was a crank call. And then he called back personally and then talked to me, and I was just freaked out. He also explained that he was responsible for six other bands and could complete seven albums within a year when he was not working on new Ministry material.


Al Jourgensen


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