The time for fasting is from the rising of the second dawn until the setting of the sun. Fasting is : abstention from eating, drinking and sexual intercourse by day with the intention. If in Ramadan a child reached adulthood, or an unbeliever accepted Islam, they abstain [from things which invalidate fasting] for the remainder of that day, and fast that which comes thereafter. They do not make up what passed.

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I apologize for the digression. But I thought that giving you the keys to a certainfield is more important than answering a particular question about it.

Now, we come to the points you raised in your letter: a. Writing to UN to lift the arms embargo b. Which means that the verdicts in it are not superseded by any other Ayah orHadeeth. This is a fundamental rule that should bekept in mind while reading the Seerah. They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongstyou that turns to them for friendship is of them.

Verily Allah guideth not a peopleunjust. Then they will regretof the thoughts which they secretely harboured in their hearts.

That is the grace of Allah,, which hewill bestow on whom He pleases. And Allah encompasses all and He knows allthings. The proper way is to seek protection in Jihad.

Whether among those who received the Scripture before you,or among those who reject Faith: But fear ye Allah, if ye have Faith indeed.

When Salman Rush-die wrote his obsene satanic verses, hewas rewarded with a prize, because his book was meant to attack the Prophetand his wives. Moreover, he is being protected by the Kuffar wherever he goes. Do ye disapprove of us for no other reason thanthat we believe in Allah, and the revelation that has come to us, and that whichcame before and that most of you are rebellious and disobedient?

Being from the people of the Book, most ofthose in charge of the system are rebellious and disobedient. The implications of these verses are very clear: Never hope that the Kuffar as anation or a set of nations will ever help you. They only help each other againstyou. Depend only on Allah, follow his messenger, and seek the support and helpfrom believers and declare Jihad. Only then your triumph will be certain.

On the other hand, the verses do not address individuals. A certain jew orchristian , as an individual, might help or support an islamic cause. But a nationof jews, or christians, or disbelievers in general, will never do so. Do not help them in spreading their religion e.

Whosoever does that is away from islam and is in Kufr. So should we write or not? The answer depends on the content of the letter. Our dignity and pride does not allow us to write such a letter to someonewho makes fun of our Deen and does not know the ethics of going to thebathroom. A god beside Allah?

While one does not haveto use obscene words or even highly emotional expressions to convey hissentiments, the core of the letter should present the inconsistency in the USstand, rather than applauding the US for being the true and fair caretaker of thisworld.

I am a messenger from the Lord of the Worlds. One forwhom it is right to say nothing but truth about Allah. Another justification to writing letters is to raise conflicts within the US system. As I said before, while the kuffar as a nation will never be real protectors of themuslims, it is still possible that an individual here and there comes to support theislamic cause because he hates oppression.

Writing letters to the congress andthe White house to exploit such people is totally acceptable, provided, again, thatno lies are involved. For instance, instead of saying: Mr. Even though there aremuslim nations in the UN, the real decision making is in the hands of the non-muslims. But it is obsolete to ask them to intervene to protect us.

It isobsolete because of the following:- We are giving the Kuffar a power in our land. This lastpoint is the most fundamental. When referring to Seerah life of the prophet we find two events that apparentlyapprove seeking help from the Kuffar as a nation.

These events are :1 Hilful-Fadul, 2 Migration to NajasheeOn the other hand, there are two events that apparently approve seeking a favorfrom the Kuffar as individuals : These events are: 1 Principle of Jiwar, 2 borrowing arms from some kuffar.

Finally, there are several events that apparently approve Hiring a Kafir duringthe struggle between the muslims and the non-muslims. On the other hand, some scholars like Imam Malik restricted the use of Kuffar inthe Muslim army to non-military jobs, such as janitors and the like. One evidence of the above is reported by Ahmad and the six save Bukharee thatwhen the Prophet went to the battle of Badr, a strong mushrik warrior followedhim. How can people justify using the Kuffar ascommanders on the muslims?

Indeed, this is what happened. Another evidence for ImamShafei is that Quazmaan, who was a mushrik, fought with muslims in Battle of Uhud. In case a kafir fights with muslims, he does not get the same share ofGhaneemah war spoils as a muslim would.

Instead, he gets Radkh bonus before distribution of Ghaneemah in such a way that his share would be strictlyless than a typical muslim share. The evidence for that is that the Prophet borrowed arms fromSafwan bin Umayyah in the battle of Hunayn.

Even though Safwan was anindividual, he was the leader of a tribe. Furthermore, there is a clear differencebetween having the kuffar people fighting with us, and the kuffar arms andammunition fighting with us. In the second case, there is no possibility that theAK, for example, will refuse to shoot the enemy and start instead shooting themuslims. The evidence for that is trivial. Concerning the principle of Jiwar, i.

This principlewas widely known among the arabs. If one wanted to pass in the land of hisenemy and feared on himself, he could seek the protection of a strong leader ofthat land. In that case, no one will touch him. People refer to this as ajustification for begging US for help. There, people met him with stones and thorns. He was forced to go back to Makkah.

However, by that time, the people ofMakkah decided to prevent him from entering Makkah! He was stuck. He wantedto deliver the message of Islam and there was no way to do it except by goingback to Makkah. He talked first to Akhnas bin Shurayk. Akhnasrefused to sponsor the spread of Islam. He then talked to Suheil bin Amr whoalso refused to take the risk. The same explanation applies to the protection provided by the Kafir AbuTalib, the uncle of the prophet.

There remains the issues of Hilful-Faduul and the Hijrah to Najashee. Beforeproceeding, however, I would like to comment on an ayah that a brother oncementioned to me in the context of begging the Kuffar for help.

I hope that itis clear that Prophet Yusuf was not begging at all. He was simply telling the prisoner that hewas detained unjustly, and requested him to mention that to his master. Finally, there is no clear cut evidence that the master was a kafir. He inquiredabout is and was told that it is a battalion of jews who were willing to help themuslims in their battle.

Imam Sarakhsee said and its interpretation is that they were forming anindependent battalion and were not fighting under the flag of muslims. For us i. On the other hand, people constantly refer to Hilful-Faduul and the story ofNajashee as a justification for seeking the help of Kuffar. What is the story of Hilful-Faduul? A man from Zubayd tribe once came toMakkah for trade. The Zubaydee manwent to several leaders of Makkah but they refused to listen to him.

He went tothe top of a mountain close to Makkah mountain Abu Kubays and started yellingand complaining. The treaty they signed was calledHilful-Fadul in the memory of 3 good people each of which was named Fadl.

Theprophet was very happy when he attended that meeting and commented laterafter prophethood that if he were called for a similar meeting in Islam he wouldanswer the call.

What can be concluded from this event? Compare between this event and the history of the United Nations. No one cares about the massacres of Kashmir, tajikstan, etc. France wasgiven Morocco as a prize to forget about egypt. Italy has conquered Libya andcaused its people various types of torture.

Spain still controls Ceuta and Melillaand some other Moroccan islands till now. Pakistan is now considered aterrorist country because it is a muslim country developing nuclear arms for selfdefense, while at the same time India is being blessed for its nuclear programs. Beforethat Iraq was helped intensively in his battle with Iran, only to make sure that noone claiming islam should ever survive.

It is such as turn tothem in these circumstances , that do wrong. After all of the above, how can we dare making a comparison between UN andHilful-Faduul, wa la hawla wa la kuwwata illa billah.

Muslims were oppressed in Makkah. They were not able to perform their daily practices. They were told by theprophet that Najashee - being a JUST ruler - would not prevent them from livingtheir Islam freely.


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