Page 8: Installation Points To Remember Installation points to remember This product is designed for fuel-injected, automatic transmission vehicles only. Installing it in a standard transmission vehicle is dangerous and is contrary to its intended use. Virtual Tach gives the installer the performance of a hard wired tach wire, with the convenience of voltage sensing. Many new vehicles use low-voltage or multiplexed systems that can be damaged by low resistance testing devices, such as test lights and logic probes computer safe test lights. Page Component Locations And Finding Wires Component locations and finding wires For detailed information on where to locate components, and how to find the wires you need, please refer to the Direct Tech web site at www.

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Operation is subject to the fol- lowing two con di tions: 1 This device may not cause harmful interference, and 2 This device must accept any in ter fer ence re ceived, including in ter fer ence that may cause undesirable op er a tion. Silent Mode works by pressing it for less than one second before arming or dis- arming. An optional auxiliary function, such as trunk release, can be controlled by pressing this button for 1.

Page 11 Buttons The 24 hour remote start timer mode is controlled by pressing these buttons simultaneously. When the feature is activated the parking lights flash fast four times.

Once in 24 hour timer mode the system remote starts every 24 hours. Repeat this procedure to turn 24 hour timer mode off. When the system arms, you will hear a short siren chirp and see the parking lights flash once. If the power door locks are con trolled by the system, the doors will also lock. Three seconds later, the siren out put changes to a continuous blast.

This pro gres sive re sponse gives you time to disarm the sys tem with your trans mit ter if you inadvertently open the door while the system is armed, while still providing instant re sponse even if the door is immediately closed. Press on the transmitter for two seconds while the vehicle is running. The siren will chirp once to indicate that the security system is armed, and then once more to indicate that the ig ni tion is on.

Press for two seconds, and you will enter Panic Mode. The siren sounds and the parking lights flash for the programmed siren duration. To stop Panic Mode at any time, press on the remote transmitter again.

Page Remote Start Remote start You can remotely start and run your vehicle for a pro gram ma ble period of time. This makes it possible to warm up the engine, and adjust the interior tem per a- ture of the vehicle with the climate control system.

If interior heating or cooling is desired, the climate controls must be preset, and the fan blower must be set to the desired level prior to remote starting the vehicle. Page Rear Defogger When you are ready to drive the vehicle: Insert the ignition key and turn it to the On position.

Press the brake pedal. Important: If the brake pedal is pressed before the key is in the ON position, the engine will shut down. The lights will flash 3 times. The rear defogger output will once again activate when the vehicle is remote started. The pre-programmed engine runtime is 12 minutes. The parking lights flash four times, and after a 1 second delay, the engine starts.

Page Safety Features Safety features This system has several important safety features to ensure proper operation of the motor and prevent accidental damage to the engine or its components. Example If the alarm triggers three times within a minute period and each time the same sensor or switch triggers the alarm, NPC will interpret those triggers as A Bypass Notification chirp means that the security system ignores the input that was active when the system was armed, until that input ceases.

Standard input assignments are listed in the following table, along with spaces to write in any optional sensors or switches that have been installed. Page Code Hopping Code hopping The receiver and transmitters use a math e mat i cal formula called an algorithm to change their code each time the transmitter is used.

This tech nol o gy has been de vel oped to increase the security of the unit. The control unit knows what the next codes should be. Page Rapid Resume Logic Rapid resume logic This Directed system will store its current state to non-volatile memory. If power is lost and then reconnected the system will recall the stored state from memory.

This means if the unit is in Valet Mode and the battery is dis con nect ed for any reason, such as servicing the car, when the battery is re con nect ed the unit will still be in Valet Mode. Most op- tions do not require additional parts, but some may require installation labor. The following is a list of the programmable options, with the factory settings in Bold. Some states have laws regulating how long a security system can sound before it is considered a nuisance.

Please consult your dealer for a complete explanation of all the options avail able to you. Audio Sensor: Metal glass, glass cracking, breaking glass produce dis tinc tive acoustic signatures. The T audio sen sor uses a mi cro phone to pick up sounds, then analyzes them with pro pri etary acoustic software to determine if the glass has been struck.

Usually hidden underneath the dash area of the vehicle. The control unit houses the microprocessor which monitors your vehicle and controls all system functions. Input: A physical connection to the system. An input can be provided by a sen- sor, pinswitch or by existing systems in the vehicle, such as ignition or courtesy lights.

When the system arms, you will hear a short chirp, and the parking lights will flash once. The parking lights flash 4 times, after a 1 second de- lay the engine starts and runs for specified duration. All rights reserved. Page 36 Notes reserved. All rights Page 38 state laws and applicable federal law shall apply and govern the dispute.

Page 40 The company behind this system is Directed Elec tron ics Since its inception, Directed Electronics has had one purpose, to provide consumers with the finest vehicle security and car stereo products and accessories available. The recipient of nearly patents and Innovations Awards in the field of advanced electronic technology, Directed is ISO registered.


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