Shakarn The Badari brand was founded in and over many years has become a leader in Italian lighting market. You must agree to the terms of use of your personal data. Since the Badari Lighting is specialized in antique chandelier reproduction. The highly skilled designers that work for Badari create the elegant sophisticated Badari brand lighting pieces. Badari lighting is for the customer who appreciates high quality modern Italian lighting that incorporates the highest quality materials on the market. Gallery In the process of adding.

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Badari Lighting Firenze - Italy Art is not only in the ability to create an object, but also in knowing how to selecting materials which may render a simple object something special. Badari Lighting means excellence, sought in every single detail. Each step brings out the selected materials, from bronze to glass, to the semi-precious stones that adorn our masterpiece by a timeless appeal. Since Badari Lighting is specialised in antique chandelier reproduction.

The style knowledge is the primary thing to obtain, from the past, items that can be considered modern, but at the same time, right for the modern society. All this means that their chandeliers must be practical and functional to get the unique taste of the antique models from which their production take life.

The warm light of the past shines on these products, made by master artisans, and makes the quality crystals, which have been made by masters in Bohemia for centuries, shine. You will find a large collection of accessories for illumination, from high quality bronze and crystal lighting fixture to lanterns with polished or hand curved glass are testimonials of the over 40 yeas of labor, research and study, employed by two generations who did, and still are, guiding the company now known all over the world.

Products will be available soon. In the meantime contact your Personal Assistant for a quote or more info. Sign in.


Badari Lighting

Next skip new hordes of tourists and entrepreneurs looking for business deals. And Donald was right Badari Lighting, which took the place of Badari Marcello in , has since been under the guidance of Roberto Lari, is among the leading companies in the classic lighting sector, thanks to the unmistakable taste in creating classic lamps and lanterns. To this day, Roberto still uses many parts of those famous lamps from Cuba when making new pieces! Today, Badari Lighting is in its third generation and, with the help of the best artists and art masters, it creates its collections that are famous for their respect for the late 18th and 19th century French style. All the lamps made have a history and a background, just as all the accessories are made using the same criteria used by the great bronze masters of the past. The sense of discouragement and desperation lasted only as long as the city was inaccessible.


Artisans of luxury



Badari Lighting Furniture


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