The Moros, faced with land grabbing of their ancestral lands, have been fighting for what their say is rightfully theirs. Past administrations tried to attain peace in the south through negotiations, but none have succeeded. October After issuing a temporary restraining order on the signing of the MOA-AD, the Supreme Court declared the agreement unconstitutional and illegal. The two panels signed annexes on transitional arrangements, wealth, power-sharing, and water territories. The House of Representatives created a "supercommittee" to tackle the bill, while the Senate conducted its first briefing on the proposal. The BBL provided a basic structure of government focusing on the rights of the Bangsamoro people, described as "natives or original inhabitants of Mindanao and the Sulu archipelago and its adjacent islands including Palawan.

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He added that there is no denying that Misuari has a big influence on the Moro people and on the peace process. The local chief executive, however, said that the victims in the Zamboanga Siege must be accorded the justice they deserve. Some said Misuari is not fit for the job based on his participation in the siege. Duterte explained that his appointment of Nur Misuari will facilitate the speedy implementation of peace agreements between the government and the Moro fronts and eventually obtain the support from Islamic countries given that most of the leaders of the OIC are friends with Misuari.

Misuari is expected to attend the annual meeting of the parliamentary union of the OIC-member states happening in Burkina Faso in Western Africa from January 21 to 23, That is why the senator believes that it is high time for the country to have a designated survivor, and filed his version of the Designated Survivor Bill.

A designated survivor is chosen and will be tasked to be the leader of the country when government officials included in the line of succession are incapacitated or have died at the same time. An official who will be chosen to be the designated survivor will be brought to a safe house whenever the President holds a state of the nation address.

At kung naubos pa rin lahat ng senador, yung most senior member of the House of Representatives. Kung maubos parin ang lahat ng member ng House of Representatives [And when no one is left in the Senate, it will be the most senior in the House of Representatives. She stressed the need for a designated survivor, saying it will prevent the country from going into chaos in case the leaders perish.

Senator Lacson admitted that he was inspired to file the Designated Survivor Bill after watching the popular American TV series bearing the same title which revolves in the life and challenges of being the Designated Survivor.


Bangsamoro Organic Law

The westernmost and west-central areas have been the traditional homeland of Muslim Filipinos since the 15th century, even before the arrival of the Spanish , who began to colonize most of the Philippines in Majority of Mindanao was the homeland of indigenous Lumad groups, who were neither Christians nor Muslims. Muslim missionaries arrived in Tawi-Tawi in and started the colonization of the area and the conversion of the native population to Islam. In , the Sultanate of Sulu was founded, and not long after that, the sultanates of Maguindanao and Buayan were also established. At the time when most of the Philippines was under Spanish rule , these sultanates maintained their independence and regularly challenged Spanish domination of the Philippines by conducting raids on Spanish coastal towns in the north and repulsing repeated Spanish incursions in their territory. It was not until the last quarter of the 19th century that the Sultanate of Sulu formally recognized Spanish suzerainty , but these areas remained loosely controlled by the Spanish as their sovereignty was limited to military stations and garrisons and pockets of civilian settlements in Zamboanga and Cotabato , [12] until they had to abandon the region as a consequence of their defeat in the Spanish—American War. Spanish colonial era[ edit ] The Moros had a history of resistance against Spanish, American, and Japanese rule for over years.


DOCUMENT: Revised draft of the Bangsamoro Basic Law


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