His father was offered work in the upcoming film Ben Hur, and being inspired by his father, Gironda also tried his hand and being a stunt man. He soon realized his physique was lacking muscle and strength after seeing a photograph of John Grimek. At the age of 22, he decided to start weight training. Training In the local club he started to develop and grow and understanding of muscle building and strength training. The Iron Guru Gironda, after years of training, became hugely popular in the world of Hollywood and bodybuilding.

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Hopefully with this article I can really explain who he was and why he was not accepted. Check it out! This article was originally published in Vince Gironda passed away in Several people have asked me why I have written articles concerning Vince Gironda. Some have inferred an interest conflict, as he handles Natural Source in his gym and I distribute his courses in the East. Well, he handled the products long before I became a distributor!

He owes me nothing and vice versa! I do speak to him periodically when I order his courses. I will never forget that he helped me to make progress after I wasted two years on fruitless training methods.

I, as Vince, am a very analytical person, and I did as much research on him and his methods as was possible. He has given so much to bodybuilding but has been virtually ignored. We all search for honesty in life and Vince is one of the most honest people I have ever met! This I immensely respect. It will take many words and examples, but I hope I can communicate with you and comprehensively explain the title, so please bear with me. I felt the need to write my second article about Vince because I feel that all bodybuilders might listen and benefit from his teachings, and that his many critics would be understanding.

Then, I hope both groups would have an open mind. Remember, 35 years of bodybuilding research is at your disposal, if you desire it! It is paradoxical, for I have personally discovered that his harshest critics have read or understand little or none of his philosophies, and have never given them an honest evaluation.

I have observed that when someone has unorthodox views, he seemingly is always defending his views while being criticized for them. I can refer to Vince and myself, for he created his ideas and theories and I embrace them. Just being a proponent and exponent of his teachings has left me open to ridicule, arguments, and some friendly kidding. America if his methods are superior. Well, I always answer that I am no Mr. America in any sense of the word - not even close!

I work out to maintain a decent physique, my health, and I am aware of my genetic limits. Where Vince is concerned, it is very true that he never capped a major title. Concepts of the ultimate physique have repeatedly changed over the years and men that won contests did so with the physique that was "in style" at that period. When Vince competed, either you looked like John Grimek bulky and smooth or you lost - simple as that!

Ironically, Vince always placed second or third and was branded "too defined," whatever that meant. If I have encountered these critics, then I have wondered about Vince himself, and the criticism he has taken for his unorthodox thinking.

Of course, this reminds me of the fact that anyone who thinks differently than the so-called establishment is always ridiculed. You can categorize people as being a conformist or a non-conformist, a leader or a follower, and secure or insecure. Vince is fortunate that he is a non-conformist, a leader, and very secure. Coupled with the fact that he has an outstanding I.

Bodybuilding As Science The gifts that humans possess that are unique among animals are the ability to reason and think. The people that do give us knowledge in the arts, sciences, engineering, medicine and bodybuilding. A tremendous amount of mental and physical preparation must be anticipated, plus the nutritional and theoretical principles must be valid. Extensive planning is essential! A good number of us are not aware that bodybuilding was born of weightlifting - a son, so to speak.

But these two endeavors are as different as languages. Where the weightlifter is huge and powerful, the bodybuilder is symmetrical and defined. The dawn of the modern physique appeared first around the late s with the concept of a small waist, symmetry, non-drug size, and definition. It was Vince Gironda who applied the overload system, isolation, intensity, double breathing, palm grip, muscle confusion, kinesiology, sissy squats, no abdominal work, creating an illusion, creative posing, the neck press, and, finally, nutrition.

The divorce had been made, and the bodybuilder had his own identity. Unfortunately, old ways die slowly and most trainers still utilize the non-productive methods. Now please, I know that Mike is a certified winner and a gentleman. You have done excessive stomach work sit-ups and leg raises and it has increased the size of your waist.

Relaxed and in repose it looks rather heavy, and an increase in waist width decreases optical shoulder width. As you were born with very narrow shoulders as was Larry Scott , you should de-emphasize working your trapezius muscles, for as they become larger, again, you lose optical shoulder width.

You should concentrate on deltoid mass and create the illusion of width that you need as Larry Scott did. His suggestions prove the genetic obvious that each and every one of us have natural flaws in our physiques and therefore we must accentuate the positives and hide the negatives. Vince called this creating an illusion. A Bodybuilding Legend Even today, I think he is working with amino acids , for he, years ago, predicted they would someday replace protein for bodybuilders.

Borrowed Ideas What bothers me most is that there are so many bodybuilders and trainers who utilize his methods, yet they give you the impression that it was their idea. Being an avid reader of most physique publications for the past few years, I have noticed several articles concerning different aspects of training.

Enable me to describe some of them that I have read. This is all well and good because facts were spoken, but not one author gave credit to Vince, as he has been advocating these methods since A few years ago, I took my products and courses to a contest that featured a famous guest-poser. At intermission, he was signing autographs and answering questions. We were sitting next to each other, and a young fellow asked him what the best method of training was. He replied, "To work out fast, short and intense.

Ask yourself how you would feel if you discovered, researched, or invented something and you received absolutely no credit whatsoever. Of course, this situation exists in life among countries, corporations, schools and churches, as well as both sexes. Think for a minute about yourself personally and someone at your company, at school, next door, and even in the gym, who is very popular, very good looking, exceptionally well-built, dated the best-looking girls, and to top it all off, was extremely intelligent.

At some time or another you had envious feelings and were probably just a little jealous. This is one of the very problems that Vince has faced for years. In the following interview Dan tells his inspiring story and shares the methods that have helped him to stay in excellent physical shape at age Get the scoop about Dan Lurie right here!

But the fact is that Vince surpassed them all in training innovations, techniques, theory, and nutrition. As I have always said, the only crime Vince Gironda ever committed is being years ahead of his time, being simply too smart and knowing too much. Another disadvantage Vince encounters is that he owns a very small gym and sells his courses and memberships. Some say this promotion is based upon a form of subtle brainwashing with every conceivable psychological tricks used to sell, including the old standby, sex!

When Madison Avenue says we should use coffee, smoke cigarettes, consume Coca-Cola, or drink beer, we usually do. It is a mind-conditioning process. They routinely play with us and do our thinking for us - as in Howdy Doody! Bodybuilding philosophy and thinking is, today, dominated by very slick publications whose sales of equipment , vitamins, and courses is in the millions, and their advertising budget is also!

Some of these magazines have some control of physique contests and committees by sponsorship alone. The publications recruit and contract top bodybuilders to endorse their products and philosophies. An old proverb states, "Whose bread you eat is whose song you sing! Vince Gironda has never paid any physique man a cent and has never had one under contract!

It is obvious that these publications feel toward Vince as the medical profession feels about vitamins and minerals - an economic threat! By the way, I have searched, and I have never been able to locate this research clinic because it just plain never existed. So now what we have is a little guy like Vince competing against a million-dollar magazine promotion of bodybuilder philosophy.

Guess who will win? No contest, to be sure. So now the young trainee enters the gym and is ready to proceed with the task of becoming a champion. In the many number of gyms that I have been to, I have only seen a handful of people working out correctly.

One reason is that most people conform to the standard way of training or as all the other fellows in gym train. This is comprised of 20 to 30 sets of 5 to 8 exercises per bodypart , plenty of squats, enormous poundages, cheating, lengthy workouts, many sit-ups and leg raises, excessive chatter and talking, very little concentration because of the loud rock music, and very limited knowledge of nutrition.

Most trainees have little or no concept of how to train correctly, so therefore the result is failure! I know exactly what it is, for I have experienced it all! His sardonic manner would give Don Rickles an inferiority complex. He is definitely not concerned whether you like him or not, because he is the best at what he does, and he knows it! I heard him once say that unfortunately he was stuck with his personality. Click Image To Enlarge. His sense of humor is monumental, and an infinite stream of jokes are cracked during the day.

He is an extremely interesting person and absolutely has charisma.


Vince Gironda: Why He Isn't Accepted.



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