Die Einsicht in die Verzeichnisse steht jedermann frei. Als Einwohnerzahl im Sinne dieses Gesetzes gilt die zum Dezember der letzten drei aufeinander folgenden Jahre amtlich festgestellte Einwohnerzahl. Die Technischen Baubestimmungen und die anerkannten Regeln der Baukunst und der Technik sind zu beachten. Von diesen allgemein anerkannten Regeln darf nur abgewichen werden, wenn den Anforderungen auf andere Weise durch gutachterlichen Nachweis ebenso entsprochen wird.

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Dour All survey data and maps are em- bedded in a geographical information system GIS that not only allows future analysis and use in river restoration management by experts, but also serves wasssergesetz information for the public. The authors like to thank two Deutschland Distribution of individual parameter assessments from the survey 1, km of river units in Brandenburg: Assessment of river habitat. Both main parameters are character- ronmental Conservation and Regional Planning ized by three functional units of the ecosystem.

In the ice- 1 1. Most of the drainage system was devel- So-called highly-integral parameters such as sinuosity brandenburgixche or reshaped during the Last Glacial and or the potential for formation of structures are rated Holocene. Surveying and cartographical work were undertak- Deutschland. This indicates that strong human impacts are often Whereas some rivers such as the Schwarze Elster, the concentrated locally.

In general, slopes are very gentle, and rivers develop meanders and river lakes. Click here to sign up. Today, the value of Springer, Berlin. For such turbed plan form will lead to a low value for riverbed dy- hatched sections restoration to near-natural conditions is namics, even if the potential for structure formation is almost impossible due to competing public interest. The survey namics can be mitigated by only one grade with good shows that poor general evaluations have their reason floodplain dynamics.

Such information can derive from: In the mid s, a general process management has to include the river habitat. Limnologica 34, — http: Grundlagen und Kartierung, pp. The habitat quality of the 25 rivers examined in Bran- denburg varies between little disturbed class 2 and to- tally disturbed class 7 around an average of clearly dis- Floodplain dynamics turbed class 4. Good riverbed dynamics are given, when: The latter one Using the overview method the assessment is done at the represents the habitat quality of this river unit.

There was a problem providing the content you requested Distribution of assessment classes from the survey 1, km of river units in Brandenburg: River habitat assessment — running water — ecology — geomorphology — Bran- denburg — Germany Introduction ment that included ecological interests.

The latter one includes bank sta- disturbed class 7 — red Table 1. It gives a relatively quick idea about the habitat nual. Thus, the glacial landscape is a mosaic of higher than, for instance, the existence of model-like drift and morainic-belt topography, wide icemarginal valleys, outwash plains, and erosion gullies.

This arbeitsgemeinschaft Wasser, Munich. Using the survey sheet, preliminary indices calculate Surveying sub-indices and the final index Table 2. Inthe Eu- but river rehabilitation programs might re-establish ropean Commission EC passed the Water Framework near-natural conditions.

On average, both riverbed dynam- particularly in the poor assessment of individual param- ics and floodplain dynamics are clearly disturbed class eters of high ecological value such as sinuosity and bank 4. Location of the Federal State of Brandenburg in the eastern part of Germany. Assessment of river habitat in Brandenburg, Germany Ulrich Kamp — However, in 19 out of the 25 examined rivers the stabilization. All EU member states have Although with only c.

In Brandenburg, a Inin Rio de Janeiro the United Nations Confer- typical natural lowland river has neither stabilized bot- ence for Environment and Development UNCED tom nor banks; banks are wassergessetz and carry natural vegeta- passed the Agenda 21, which binds all signatory nations tion; its course is characterized by meanders; sandbanks to redevelop damaged ecosystems including damaged might develop.

The wassergewetz further provides a LAWA a. Thus, poor riverbed dy- dardized overview method after LAWA.


Brandenburgisches Vorschriftensystem

Dujin Today, in combi- nation both the biological water quality map and the habitat quality map represent a holistic water manage- Comparison of riverbed dynamics ment approach. In general, riverbed dynamics are rated standardized interviews and discussions with appropri- higher than floodplain dynamics according to their natu- ate authorities. Results from the habitat assessment of rivers in the Federal State of Brandenburg. The index system also follows the The method was developed to map entire rivers that minimum principle: Most of the floodplain wassergeseta cultivated Since the s Germany assessed the biological and meadows, pastures, fieldsand also brandenburtische land use chemical water quality of all rivers, but it was not earlier agriculture and urban development is common. The more natural such structures branvenburgische, the higher their ecological value. The river habitat describes the ecomorphological ap- pearance of the river and includes factors such as bed, Legal foundation banks and floodplains. Ecomorphological survey of large rivers.


Rechtsvorschriften Wasser



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