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The name Sengen was originally read Asama, which means "volcano. Did you just say Sakuyahime? I was used to that, though.

If I can just bear the cold for a little while, the warmer seasons would return. I spend my time protecting humans that wander into the bamboo forest from the youkai there, including some people who wander in from the outside world.

It made it impossible to fall into a deep sleep, and easy to spend lots of time thinking. She was the cause of my immortality, and was at the heart of the most sensational event in my life. Her name was Kaguya Houraisan. Finding a way to harrass Kaguya would have been enough to bring me some satisfaction. Looking back on it, I think spending that much time nursing my bitterness against others probably bent me. In other words, I believe that Kaguya is completely to blame for the fact that I desire revenge.

He was a man with a name something like Iwakasa, I think. He was leading a group of soldiers up a mountain carrying a jar. The jar was said to contain something Kaguya had left behind for someone important. I was planning to steal the jar. If I could gain even some slight amount of satisfaction from stealing the jar, then that would be fine. That meant that it became much harder for me to stay hidden as I tried to tail them up the mountain.

Namely, that I was reaching the limit of my physical endurance. Even reaching the foot of the mountain had taken several days and sapped me of much of my strength. To make matters worse, this was not an easy mountain to try to climb alone. In the end, we all reached the summit together, cheering each other on Even my revenge against Kaguya was probably just a childish whim.

The last leg of the climb is very difficult due to your exhaustion and the drain on your motivation. Still, he answered my question and told me that men have to obey orders. The soldiers laughed when they heard that. I had no idea why they would do that. After all, he was going to the trouble to have someone take the gift Kaguya had left him up onto a volcano and throw it in. However, as soon as the soldiers approached the crater, a strange woman suddenly appeared, and everything changed.

The soldiers were shaken by her sudden appearance. Some even prostrated themselves before her godly figure out of reflex. Iwakasa turned to Sakuyahime and told her, "I must burn the contents of this jar in the sacred fires of this mountain. This is an order from the Emperor. That jar holds a power even greater than that of a god such as I.

Do you understand just what is contained within that jar? Probably, none of them had any idea about its contents. Of course, even I only knew that it was something Kaguya had left behind. And that it was right before my very eyes. The room was completely dark.

It only served to bring a chill to my already cold body. I could neglect it as much as I wanted. I may be immortal, but I get hungry and my joints hurt in the cold. Still, it better suited my personality to bear a bit of discomfort than to find a way to keep warm or eat a bit of nutritious food. There were quite a few who had lived longer than I had. However, they were fundamentally different from me. No matter how strong they are, they would still waste away in the end. Each and every living thing must die.

This was the law of the world. Maybe there was no point in acting to preserve my life anymore. What should I be trying to accomplish? I could see a ray of some sort of light tracing towards the moon. Even so, Iwakasa tried to light the jar on fire, but Seeing no other choice, they decided to spend the night on the summit, trying to figure out what to do next.

I wanted to know why he had come all the way up here to dispose of the elixir of immortality. The Hourai Elixir was thought to surely be an elixir of immortality. It seems that Iwakasa had been chosen to fulfill that duty.

It was difficult for me to understand. Iwakasa had anticipated this sort of doubt. He was afraid his men would be unable to carry out his orders if they knew about the elixir of immortality, so he kept it a secret.


Cage in Lunatic Runagate/Fourth Chapter



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