All four of her grandparents were born in Italy. Her mother emigrated to the United States at five years old from Ceccano , in the province of Frosinone , Lazio , Italy. Whatever statements were being made in class , she had to challenge them. She made good points then, as she does now. Excess and extravagance and explosiveness. I would be someone who would look into the latrine of culture, into pornography and crime and psychopathology

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Shelves: feminist , essays , lgbt , women-writers I went to a college that believed, strongly believed, in a well rounded education. We had to take many courses that were outside of our major.

A really good idea considering the state of education today. One of the courses I took for my distribution requirements was a sociology class that dealt with race and ethnicity. We had to buy and supposedly read three books for the class. I say supposedly because even though we were told to read This Bridge Called My Back Writings by Radical Women of I went to a college that believed, strongly believed, in a well rounded education.

I hated that book for three reasons. One, we paid for it but the teachers never used it. Two, we were told to read it, but the teachers never used it. The class was taught by two women, one of whom made fun of a female student who said she would change her last name upon getting married.

I got a good grade because I barely said anything. I hardly said anything because I felt like my views were wrong or strange or too different as well as low self esteem , and I saw what happened in that class if you disagreed with the status quo. You have no idea how much guts it takes me to post reviews on this website I wish that I had read Vamps and Tramps or anything by Camille Paglia at that time.

I think it would have saved me years of feeling too different and strange. I think students should be challenged by ideas that are different, radical, or upsetting, but students should have the right to challenge those beliefs too. It is most likely not as shocking as it once was. Some of what she tackles, however, is still current today.

There is a backlash against different views on college campuses which I believe hinders learning. There is a tendency of young women to see feminism as something evil. How boring!

I may disagree with Paglia on some things, but she is never boring. I think we need more writers like her. That is, writers who are not afraid to say what they think and to challenge mouthpieces.

In this collection, the best and most thought provoking essay is "No Law in the Arena". In this essay, Paglia tackles views on the gender wars as well as rape and pedophile. What Paglia does in her writing is truly examine something. I may not agree with all her conclusions, but at least she makes me think.

This last bit is interesting because Paglia is cutting in some of the transcripts, but when she is talking to the reader, she is never condensending, challenging but not insulting. It really is a dialogue. Even though the essay appeared 15 years ago, it still is current because we are still wrestling with the same issues.

Other essays in the book are slightly dated. Additionally, the book is getting four stars because it is very heavy on the ego. This is very true of the last 60 pages. What I found most interesting, however, were her comments about teaching and about students which are still current today. I would take her attack on Political Correctness further. I would say in addition to hindering debate and learning, PC hinders the student from learning to read actively.

So many students have been turned off of reading for a host of reasons. Reading is a skill that needs to be developed. Only reading political correct works hinders that.


Camille Paglia



Vamps & Tramps: New Essays


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