How Many Minds Produce Knowledgeexplores methods for aggregating information; it contains discussions of prediction marketsopen-source softwareand wikis. Cass Sunstein — Wikipedia Loyalty program Safety culture. Related concepts Behavioral economics Social proof Default effect Libertarian paternalism Choice architecture Social engineering Design for behaviour change. If government could not intervene effectively, none of the individual rights to which Americans have become accustomed could be reliably protected.

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Legal philosophy[ edit ] Sunstein is a proponent of judicial minimalism , arguing that judges should focus primarily on deciding the case at hand, and avoid making sweeping changes to the law or decisions that have broad-reaching effects. McConnell and John G. Roberts , [25] as well as providing strongly maintained theoretical support for the death penalty. Epstein described Sunstein as "one of the more conservative players in the Obama administration.

Sunstein has collaborated with academics who have training in behavioral economics, most notably Daniel Kahneman , Richard Thaler , and Christine M. Jolls , to show how the theoretical assumptions of law and economics should be modified by new empirical findings about how people actually behave. The outcome should instead depend on the commitments and beliefs of the President and those who operate under him," argued Sunstein.

With Thaler, he coined the term " choice architect. Rumsfeld in a 5—3 vote. Saxby Chambliss R-Ga. On page 11 of the introduction, during a philosophical discussion about whether animals should be thought of as owned by humans, Sunstein notes that personhood need not be conferred upon an animal in order to grant it various legal protections against abuse or cruelty, even including legal standing for suit.

For example, under current law, if someone saw their neighbor beating a dog, they cannot sue for animal cruelty because they do not have legal standing to do so. Sunstein suggests that granting standing to animals, actionable by other parties, could decrease animal cruelty by increasing the likelihood that animal abuse will be punished.

Taxation[ edit ] Sunstein has argued, "We should celebrate tax day. Did we earn it by our own autonomous efforts? Could we have inherited it without the assistance of probate courts? Do we save it without the support of bank regulators? Could we spend it if there were no public officials to coordinate the efforts and pool the resources of the community in which we live?

Without taxes, there would be no liberty. Without taxes there would be no property. Without taxes, few of us would have any assets worth defending. Rights to private property, freedom of speech, immunity from police abuse, contractual liberty and free exercise of religion — just as much as rights to Social Security, Medicare and food stamps — are taxpayer-funded and government-managed social services designed to improve collective and individual well-being.

He continues, "the only legal status states would confer on couples would be a civil union, which would be a domestic partnership agreement between any two people. However, our main policy idea is that government should engage in cognitive infiltration of the groups that produce conspiracy theories, which involves a mix of 3 , 4 and 5.

There is a tradeoff between credibility and control, however. The price of credibility is that government cannot be seen to control the independent experts. He blamed this tendency to view possibly saving lives as better than actually saving money on "probability neglect," a term that he invented. People are living longer, the economy is doing pretty well.

Thereafter, Sunstein dated Martha Nussbaum for almost a decade. Sunstein is an avid squash player who has played professionally [61] and in was ranked th in the world by the Professional Squash Association. He is widely regarded as the leading scholar of administrative law in the U.


Cognitive infiltration



Cass Sunstein – Cognitive infiltration


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