Who should perform Chandi Homam? Any person suspected to suffer from black magic, curses and negative energy are advised to perform the Homam to rid them of the evil influence. According to ancient scriptures, the Homam should be performed to overpower fear in general and especially fear of death. The Homam is also recommended for people who want atonement or forgiveness from the Goddess for any misdeed they might have committed in their life. Performing the Homam grants success and a win over enemies or antagonistic elements in life.

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In a series of homa dedicated to the goddess that is part of the Sakthi Peetha Series of Homam and as a curtain-raiser to the upcoming events, we begin with the Chandi Homam , a powerful ritual devoted to the primordial feminine force responsible for creation, sustenance and destruction of the universe. There are about 51 Shakti Peethas and Vedicfolks hopes to invoke if not all but most of these power seats. She appeared to destroy evil, in the form of demons, on earth. Fasting and performing rituals on the day pleases the mighty female power that helps to get rid of bad karmas of past lives.

She improves love and relationships, self-confidence and courage. The rituals and fasts protects from disease, brings health and prosperity. On this day, you clear all difficulties with the blessings of Goddess Durga. She makes sure you get divine protection, success, prosperity, happiness and peace.

Fasting on Durgashtami, as per rules of the scriptures, bestows one with great results by making it highly popular for others to follow. It is considered a crucial form of worship to the Universal Mother Durga. Goddess Shakthi takes care of her devotees like a biological mother would. She is primordial for the purpose of creation, sustenance and destruction and a sum total of all energies of the universe.

Sage Vyasa said that the readers of Devi Mahatmyam are qualified for exemplary accomplishment in life, great posterity, information and overall development. Significance of Chandi Homa on Durgashtami Goddess Chandi protects from all evil like curses, obstacles, black magic and grants good health, wealth and prosperity. The day chosen for the event is Durgashtami which is that time of the month during Ashtami Tithi of Shukla Paksha when the energies of Goddess Durga are very close to earth.

Though the worship of the goddess is very popular on Durgashtami during Navaratri, the Masik Durgashtami is equally auspicious. The goddess when worshipped on Durgashtami helps overcome all problems in life and grants strength to accomplish goals and objectives so that one can lead a fearless and truthful life.

Devotees observe fast, offer pujas, homas and prayers on this day and seek blessings of the powerful deity who can be appeased easily. The goddess bestows her people with love, progress, prosperity, success and peace. The goddess grants all wishes of the devotees, destroys enemies, illnesses, sufferings and negative influences.

Also, housed in the premises of the temple are deities including Chandika Devi, a fierce avatar of Goddess Durga who gives divine protection for black magic, witch-craft and evil spirits. The worship also bestows relief from debts, diseases, misfortunes and bad karma. It is useful for eliminating negative powers, grants progress in professional and personal life, fulfilment of wishes, remove obstacles and problems from path, for gaining wealth, material benefits, prosperity, happiness and family unity and peace.

It represents the male and female Trinity gods, the three kaals, the three gunas, the three lokas etc. It represents divinity and auspiciousness. It helps to be one with the lord by balancing thoughts and actions.

It grants protection of the deities as it is a symbol of defence. She blesses all living beings whether animate or inanimate with abundance and controls their mind and sensory organs. Since she rules over the Trimurtis - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, she is called Rajarajeshwari, a symbol of prosperity. Navarna Puja - Reduces Ill Effects of Planets, Grants Abundance A Puja reciting the Navakshari or Navarna which is a powerful mantra evokes the powers of the Kundalini chakra and delivers success and a sense of achievement to an individual.

It also gives good health, abundance, fame, protection from evil, reduces planetary doshas and provides happy life. Booking Also Available At.

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Chandi Homam – Benefits, Cost, Procedure, Online Booking

Chandi represents the shakti or power of Brahman. The word Chanda hints at extraordinary traits and thus refers to the Brahman, who is extraordinary due to its complete independence with respect to time and space. The word Chandi also refers to the fiery power of anger of the Brahman. Scholars who trace her tracks show that she was very much a part of an early theistic impulse as it was being crystallised in the Indic mind. Mackenzie Brown writes: "Hymns to goddesses in the late portions of the great Mahabharata epic and in the Harivamsa AD reveal the increasing importance of female deities in Brahminical devotional life. As Chandi or the destroyer of opposition, she can be invoked for removing obstacles to allow us to attain any of the four goals of life. It is the most common epithet used for the Goddess.


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