Yep — that definitely includes the IB Chem exam, too! If you are looking for summary material to help you study for the IB Chemistry papers, check out the Overall Reviews section for great overall study resources. You should glance at this article during the school year to help you study for in-class tests and quizzes if you need more assistance or if you struggled to understand certain lectures in your IB Chemistry course. If you want additional help, read our article on the best IB Chemistry books to find additional study resources. You should be learning the material over the course of the school year and not cramming right before the IB Chemistry papers.

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But scrutiny would take you places. IB Chemistry is not too hard or too simple, but it all depends on how you look at it. More like it is how best you get hold of the syllabus and the study guide you are getting. The guide should be concise and focused. It should have a bearing on the past question papers. The guide shall have to be prioritised.

The guide should be user-friendly. This is better if you can correlate your background of class tests, best IB Chemistry Books, study resources and class notes along with the guidelines. The best practices during the school year are to ensure that you are practice related IB Chemistry past question papers. This will help to get a deeper insight to the topics as a whole.

You should also be aware of the common errors students are bound to be made. The topics are voluminous. You just cannot afford to skip any topic or chapters as such.

If you did skip or not paid attention to any topic, in particular, it is imperative that you take special coaching to cope up with the handicap. Uniform distribution of topics is a must; putting all the study to the last part of preparation period can be fatal. Moreover, unless the fundamentals are made clear, studying advanced portions would be difficult.

The time allotted in the bracket is only indicative Topic 1: Stoichiometric Relationships -

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