Start your review of Chocolate Obsession: Confections and Treats to Create and Savor Write a review Oct 30, Kate rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: chocolatiers Shelves: cookbooks , chocolate , favorites Hallelujah! I have made three of the infused ganaches and they have all been superb. The to-die-for recipes will probably inspire this. However, he wants you to bring it to , and this is whack and will burn your caramel at least it will if you suffer with a glasstop stove like I do. Also be careful with the initial caramelization.

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But unlike the painter, the chocolate maker has made it possible for even the amateur to achieve his artistry. In Chocolate Obsession Recchiuti, owner of the famed artisanal chocolate company in San Francisco, divulges his professional secrets and techniques, allowing home cooks to reproduce his exquisite confections in their own kitchens. With more than 60 recipes in all, this book will satisfy even the most obsessive chocolate lovers among us.

The book centers around the very distinctive chocolate styles of Recchiuti Chocolates, which are distinguished by, among other things, the use of a lot of flavors one does not typically find paired with chocolate such as teas, tarragon, cardamom, and especially caramal.

In all this, caramel is much more than just another ingredient for Recchiuti. There are things in this book for the novice who has aspirations to be a skillful chocolatier. There are a few other non-chocolate recipes such as Key Lime pears and candied citrus peel, but all of these are pressed into the service of chocolate in one way or another.

I even got the sense that some of their statements about chocolate composition were simply wrong, although this is largely irrelevant to why you want to read this book. If you are already an accomplished chocolate candy maker and not just a baker who happens to use chocolate in baked desserts , this book offers a wealth of new ideas and tastes. All others should seek out a more basic book or take a good course in chocolate working. Simply Delicious By Foodie Nyc on Oct 08, This is one of the most wonderful books on chocolate that I have ever read and cooked with.

I had the opportunity to visit Recchiuti Confections when I was in San Francisco this spring and was thrilled when I saw this book -- Michael Recchiuti sharing his secrets to chocolate making and making wonderful chocolate desserts.

I have made several of the recipes already and they are all wonderful. This book will make your holiday baking out of this world and the book makes a terrific gift for any food lover on your shopping list. The best part of this book is that Recchiuti gives you the recipes of the real chocolates that he sells on his website and stores.

Given that Recchiuti is known as one of the top chocolatiers in the country, this is really incredible. If you are a serious chocolate candy maker, this book is a must-have. The difficulty level of this book is hard for chocolates, easy for other parts.

Most of the chocolate recipes use invert sugar not a common ingredient. Some of the spices are specialized verbena, or rose water. Molding technique is obviously difficult. On the other hand, the other sections are at a much lower level of difficulty.

This book is not heavy on technique pictures or descriptions of techniques. You almost have to know the techniques before you do them. If you are looking for chocolate techniques, "chocolate confections" by Greweling is a better book, as is "Making Artisan Chocolates" by Shotts.

To me, this is more of a ganache recipe book. You gotta have it for that reason. Beautiful and Practical By M. Some baking experience is helpful, as is a well-equipped kitchen stand-mixer, immersion blender, heavy-bottomed pots for sauces etc. This is an outstanding book and I highly recommend it. It seemed too sophisticated for my average jo palate.

But the name of Michael Recchiuti was the draw, and after flipping through this wonderful labor of love, I realized that I was a chocolate snob. Shame on me. First of all, the physical book itself is glorious. It has been beautifully brought together with raised lettering on the cover, and the feel of those satin pages, along with clear, crisp photography that makes you anxious to get started!

Then there is the educational content. Michael is a Master Chocolatier, which is his hard-earned title and is very well-deserved. And despite the gamut of unusual and standard chocolate flavors and concoctions he has created, his way of talking to you is that of a good friend who wants to share his knowledge with you in the most earnest way possible.

He has covered everything and he does so in a encouraging and kindly fashion with one of his best sections being "Organizing Chocolate Work"; it was very much appreciated that he gave a timetable to help determine your level of expertise. You need to learn in steps and he graciously helps you climb that ladder of knowledge. Also, he adds wonderful stories and such to weave his history and love affair with that dark and tempting devil of sweetness.

This is a great teaching tool and chocolate creations book, as well as a coffee-table libre that you can peruse when you want to kick back and relax.

Dipped Chocolates, Truffles, and Molded Chocolates: plus the great story of how his business went from because of his talent. Snacks: he includes how he was introduced to Paris society by way of chocolate Chocolate Barks: this has the explanation of how he came about having his recipes tested to make sure that anyone could make them.

You will be quite pleased with this very creative and deliciously edible talent. My start! Anthony on Dec 09, Chocolate Obsession has started my new career. I am a trained chef and this book has put me over the moon about making chocolates. I now have a side business selling truffles.

The unique combinations have spurred my creativity to develop my own flavors that sell in the area that I live. I consistently refer back to Michaels book for the "basics", which I feel he does a fine job of detailing.

The fleur de Sel Caramel is awsome. It barely gets out of my kitchen. Yes this book is not always for the novice, however, with patience and the internet to help one look up additonal information it can be a valuable resource. My book is worn and much loved. One of the Best!!!! This book has lots of great recipes and some interesting stories.

Thank you so much for writing this book!! Great Stuff By S. Posner on Oct 04, I always wanted to make some kind if chocolates and this is the book that inspired me!

His directions connected with me instantly. Giving me the confidence I needed. The tarragon with candied grapefruit was my first attempt. And they came out exquisit. Lemon verbena and the anise with pink peppercorn were also got rave reviews. The tahitan marshmallows were also a first.

Wonderful just wonderful! The malt ice cream ,roasted banana ice cream. And i can go on and on. While the chefs never describe their work as being "easy," the facility with which they describe the baking process makes you wonder if anything in the kitchen for them is every hard to create. While the thought of mixing tarragon with grapefruit, tea-flavored ganache and chocolate shortbread might send some at-home chefs away from their kitchens and to the local bakery, Recchiuti confidently barrels through the steps.

In fact, Recchiuti has gained notable recognition as an experienced gourmet chef from his San Franciso-based chocolate business, which he opened nearly a decade ago. Prior to his move out West, Recchiuti had been a force on the Philadelphia restaurant scene for over a decade. In fact, Recchiuti was revered so highly in the chocolate world that he now has the honor or being the only American ever invited to share his chocolates with the world-renowned chocolate society of Le Club du Chocolat au Palais.

Critics believe that the widespread success of Chocolate Obsession could have more to do with the scientific approach that the pair take when spreading the word about how to build one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Now those are some dessert titles to make your mouth water and your eyes widen! By the end of the book, your taste buds will have a refined sense as they will be able to pick out the minute details that the authors explain and identify throughout the book.

No matter what your chocolate experience is, this book is sure to make you want to invest in a larger kitchen and finer tools. If you are not daring enough to undertake the dark sensation for an evening or two of experimentation, then keep in mind that Chocolate Obsession makes a powerful gift for just about anyone with taste. Chocolate Zoom Magazine chocolatezoom. The most important thing to know is that this book is really for chocolates chocolate "candies" , not for chocolate desserts. Great By Anthony L.

Chocolate Obsession: A work of love By Carmen Adorno on Apr 24, On this book Michael Recchiuti generously offers us many of his secrets of how to make divine chocolates as a pro. The book is very well written and recipes are thoroughly explained. Chocolate Obsession is an outstanding book write by an outstanding chocolatier! A real work of love! I deeply recomend this book for bought, beginners and pros! The recipes in here are great. If you are looking into making chocolate desserts or little chocolate ganaches ro truffles, this is a good purchase.

Great book for my library By Claudia Stallings on May 10, Most books stay on someone shelf and gather dust What great information and pictures to demonstrate style and technique. Wonderful and big enough in weight to hold a person down during a big wind storm! After making some of the recipes and noting the different techniques Michael uses, I am awestruck at the improvements. I can now make some of the great flavored confections from the Shotts book but I will use the new methods from this book.

By Marc on Feb 03, Greweling to your list. Greweling goes into much more detail than Recchiuti does. Its a really good recipe book for chocolate truffles and bonbons By Amanda on Jun 07, Its a really good recipe book for chocolate truffles and bonbons. Has many different kinds, I would definitely recommend this book if chocolate is your passion.


Chocolate Obsession: Confections and Treats to Create and Savor

In addition, there are tips for choosing and storing extra-virgin olive oils, understanding the basic types of good oils, and even how to host an olive oil tasting. Most of all, it is delicious both to read and to cook from. The stories of the farmers and artists who grow and create the amber green liquid gold are fascinating and filled with American ideology and old world traditions, forming a new olive culture that is at once ancient and new world. Written with artisanal chocolatier Michael Recchiuti, it includes detailed recipes for his famous chocolate confections, as well as snacks, barks, drinks, sauces, and ice creams. The book is a treasure trove of seductive, one-of-a-kind recipes, meticulously re-created for the home cook, clearly and simply written, and generously infused with tricks of the trade in delicious detail. This is a ground-breaking work; Fran and Michael explain the secrets of chocolate and lead the reading cook into a realm normally reserved for professionals. I am thrilled to have this inspiring resource in my own kitchen.


Chocolate obsession : confections and treats to create and savor






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