Shelves: novels , ya Im having trouble working myself up to review this one. That may be the definition of a three star book, at least sometimes. Ive been meaning to read something by Carl Hiaasen for awhile now. I read this one aloud to my son because my random picks for him lately tended to feature female leads, the ocean, and environmentalist themes to one degree or another: Isabel of the Whales and Island of the Aunts. I figured I owed the guy a break.

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He was the first of four children born to Odel and Patricia Hiaasen. He has Norwegian and Irish ancestry. He started writing at age six when his father bought him a typewriter for Christmas [2] After graduating from Plantation High School in ,[ citation needed ] he entered Emory University , where he contributed satirical humor columns to the student-run newspaper The Emory Wheel.

Hiaasen graduated in with a degree in journalism. Journalism[ edit ] He was a reporter at Cocoa Today Cocoa , Florida for two years before being hired in by the Miami Herald , where he worked for the city desk, Sunday magazine and award-winning investigative team. Since Hiaasen has been a regular columnist for the newspaper. His columns have been collected in three published volumes, Kick Ass , Paradise Screwed and Dance of the Reptiles , all edited by Diane Stevenson.

His first solo novel, Tourist Season , featured a group of ragged eco-warriors who kidnap the Orange Bowl Queen in Miami. His work has been translated into 34 languages. His first venture into writing for younger readers was the novel Hoot , which was named a Newbery Medal honor book. The movie was written and directed by Wil Shriner. Jimmy Buffett provided songs for the soundtrack, and appeared in the role of Mr.

Ryan, a middle-school teacher. His newest, Squirm , which is set in Florida and Montana, was published in the fall of and opened at 4 on the New York Times bestseller list for middle-grade novels. His most recent novel for adults, Razor Girl, was published by Alfred A. Knopf in September , and opened at 2 on the New York Times bestseller list.

In England it was short-listed for the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse award for comic fiction. During the s Hiaasen co-wrote the lyrics of three songs with his good friend and famed L.


Carl Hiaasen

Plot summary[ edit ] Wahoo Cray and his father, Mickey Cray, a professional animal wrangler , are hired to help with the latest episode of a reality series titled Expedition Survival! As Mickey was injured shortly before by an iguana falling on his head, and is suffering the after-effects of a serious concussion , Wahoo takes it upon himself to accept for both of them while his mother is on a business trip in China for the extra money. Derek is almost killed, before Mickey calmly dives in and pulls him to safety. Despite their misgivings, Mickey and Wahoo agree, knowing how much their family needs the money. Unsure what else to do, Wahoo invites her to join them on their camping trip into the Everglades. Predictably, the shoot in the Everglades is a series of fiascoes. Tuna, originally a huge fan of Expedition: Survival!





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