Your Watch Before Use Basic Watch Operations Radio Signal Reception

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Your Watch Before Use Basic Watch Operations Radio Signal Reception Poor Reception Areas Changing Mode Solar Power Function Using Home Time and World Time Characteristics of the Solar Powered Watch Using Daylight Saving Time When desiring to have your watch repaired or inspected, please contact the Citizen Service Center either directly or through the store where you purchased your watch.

It is On Demand. Pull out the crown to position 2. Home time Home time Check the Set the home city. Set the home time. Set digital display 1. Poor Reception Areas If the watch has received insufficient light for charging or has been kept in a dark It may not be possible to receive radio waves under environmental conditions where reception location for an extended period of time one week or more , the Power Save Feature of is difficult or in areas susceptible to radio noise, such as those shown in the illustrations below.

Display during Reception Reception can take from about 2 minutes to a [During reception standby] [Receiving signal] [Reception completed] maximum of 15 minutes, depending on factors such as the weather or noise. If the radio wave reception [Second hand display] fails, the watch may return immediately to the normal display. Radio wave reception environment was good Radio wave reception environment was not very 1. Japan The standard time radio wave to be received can be changed by selecting the city in Hagane-yama Standard Time Transmitter 60 kHz


Setting Instructions

Rated 5 out of 5 by GRTeddybear from Great Watch I actually have been trying to search for a watch that not only is functional but that fits my wrist which is 9" in circumference. I was happy with the watch when i got it. I was able to fix some of the settings with no help, but other settings like the secondary time settings was a bit hard since the manual I was given did not include this information but I was able to find this through videos that was provided by citizen. The watch has been very durable and still after about 6 months of hard use does not show any signs of damage or scratches.


Manuals & Setting Instructions

Before using the watch, read this instruction manual carefully to ensure correct use. After reading the manual, store it in a safe place for future reference. Page 5 Safety precautions — IMPORTANT This manual contains instructions that should be strictly followed at all times not only for optimal use, but to prevent any injuries to yourself, other persons or property. Page 7 If adjustment is not done correctly, the bracelet may unexpectedly become detached leading to loss of your watch or injury. Consult your nearest authorized Citizen service center. Protective stickers Be sure to remove any protective stickers that may be on your watch case back, band, clasp, etc. Otherwise, perspiration or moisture may enter the gaps between

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