Stone Guardian by Danielle Monsch did just what every romance reader prays a book will do… It let me escape into another world. When I saw this cover, I knew that I had to have it. Stone Guardian pulled me in from the first page. It opens with on-the-edge-of-your-seat action, then barely gives you time to breathe as the story unfolded.

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I love gargoyles. Granted, my love may have something to do with the cartoon that I loved to watch as a kid, but whatever. Still, Gargoyles, made me request this instantly. I expected smexy times with some paranormal thrown in; what I got was so much more than that. I was happily surprised by a story that took off running - with a bang! Almost literally.

The story starts with the worlds colliding. In the New Realm there is magic, beings of fantasy and myth, and a whole lot of trouble brewing. Earthquakes are shaking the world; orcs appear from nowhere decimating police forces, and there just might be a dragon flying around! On this day, at this moment, Larissa Miller is born. Losing her mother to the chaos of complications during the Great Collision, Larissa has been protected and cossetted most of her life. Kept in the human-only city, away from all beings from the new realm; away from the ability to learn about them without guilt.

Terak is Mennak, leader, of his clan of Gargoyles. I loved all the different beings, to name a few: Orcs, Necromancers who are vampires generally , controlling zombies; there are gargoyles of course , mages, wizards, werewolves, warriors, trolls, giants, elves, wraiths, shadows and at least one oracle! I feel like I should be ending with " The really nice thing was that the world-building was smooth and intricate. There were reasons, division, order to the chaos - though there was plenty of chaos too!

We only get a glimpse of a lot of it, because Larissa is just getting involved, but what we do see is tantalizingly great. Added to the top of that she let herself believe in the absoluteness of the guards that supposedly kept out the magical beings. On the other hand, the nice thing is that she does realize it view spoiler [unlike many other characters I could name hide spoiler ]. Not only was she being smart, she was being brave and strong; I can see the potential in her for a lot more.

Terak was pretty awesome. Not only that, but he constantly shows her, and tells her, how great she is. He builds her up so she can stand on her own. Not only with him, but all the time. I liked seeing them become friends - respect each other, and see it gradually become more to both their notice. Yup, he is. This book flat out made me smile, laugh, gasp and be shocked throughout my reading of it. The action was nearly non-stop; the characters had great chemistry with each other; quite frankly, I need more.

More of the world, more of the characters, and definitely more Fallon And there were some very.


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