This is a wonderful book on termites, though I have yet to compare it with other books on termites. Marais clearly has a love for these creatures or creature, as we shall talk about and describes their behaviour diligently and with humour from the first flight of the queen and king to the soldiers. The major contention of this work is that a termitary is essentially a single organism composed of discrete parts. The argument is many-pronged and too complex to go into in a review but it is fairly convincing.

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The primary intention of the essay is not to assess the claims of intelligence found, but to consider the rationale of the researchers involved in the two dje for doing such research. Some of his finest poems deal with the wonders of life and nature, but he also wrote about inexorable death. An Item has been added to cart x. Archived from the original on 15 September Both programmes start from the same observation — the behaviour of an ant or termite colony and the ability of the ant colony to act in a collective manner to achieve goals that the individual ant cannot.

Is this dir yours? Much later, he blamed accidental addiction while ill with malaria in Mozambique. He is acknowledged as the father of the scientific study of the behaviour of animals, known as Ethology. Basic Survival Tips You might be thinking: In the Waterberg, Marais also studied the black mambaspitting cobra mieg puff adder. Style Tips and Tricks.

Item Location South Africa. Post ads for free Login Register How to partner with Clasf. The essay suggests that the current emphasis of inquiry at tertiary vqn institutions embraces utility to the extent that it displaces pure insight — and hence the ability to explain and, ultimately, the ability to teach. After leaving school, he worked in Pretoria as a legal clerk and then as a journalist before becoming owner at the age of twenty of a newspaper called Dir en Volk Country and the Afrikaner People.

Are you excited to throw a dinner party, but terrified at the thought? He clearly desired his readers to infer that he had arrived at certain of my theories the result of ten years of hard labour in the veld by his own unaided reason, although he admits that he never saw a termite in his life.

This auction has been won. And high in the ridges, spreaded in burnt ditches, are the grass plumes stirring like beckoning hands. O mournful the tune of the East-wind refrain, like the song of a girl who loved de in vain. This essay traces two research programmes in broad strokes. The pages are in good condition, but the book block has been reattached to the cover boards. An English translation by At de Lange preserves the musicality of the poem quite well: Opperman described him as the first professional Afrikaner poet; Marais believed that craft was as important as inspiration for poetry.

Imagine you are out on a hike or adventure in the wilderness and your luck runs out. In the poem Waar Tebes in die stil woestynhe writes as translated into English by J.

Avoid frauds by contacting local ads only, and if possible try to collect the item by person. We recommend you to read our safety tips. Eugene Marais. Africana For one programme such behaviour is indicative of intelligence; for the other it is indicative of collective instinct. O cold is the slight wind, and keen. You must understand that it was not merely plagiarism of the spirit of a thing, so to speak.

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Die Siel Van Die Mier

Jedoch scheint aus dem Zug niemand auszusteigen. Um nicht zwangsweise enteignet zu werden, hatte er den Bau eines Bahnhofs und einer Kleinstadt vorbereitet und Baumaterial bestellt. Vorproduktion[ Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten ] Nachdem Sergio Leone mit Zwei glorreiche Halunken seine Dollar-Trilogie abgeschlossen hatte, wollte er eigentlich keinen Italowestern mehr drehen, sondern das Gangster-Epos Es war einmal in Amerika inszenieren. Da er aber keinen Geldgeber fand, der an einen Publikumserfolg seines Gangsterfilms glaubte, entschloss er sich zu einem weiteren Western.


Die siel van die mier

Een verhaal over de orde der insecten, over de chaos en de passies van de menselijke ziel. Over een professor die terugblikt op zijn leven en vertelt over zijn falen in liefde en wetenschap en over een verleden tijd die ongewild zijn toekomst is geworden. Fragmenten, flarden en gedachten wisselen elkaar af en worden een leven van gemiste kansen en de berusting daarin. Een ingenieus opgebouwde, onontkoombare verzameling associatieve tekstflarden De oorspronkelijke tekst kan gelezen kan worden als een parabel over de mensenmaatschappij, meer specifiek de maatschappij die zich in koloniaal Afrika gevormd heeft, en over wat die maatschappij met de individuen doet??

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