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Docage Fire testing instruments We have many experienced dkn who work in consulting, sales and after-sale services in many industrial countries and. Horizontal flammability chamber for the determination of comparative burn rates of cloth, including pile and napped cloth. We have many experienced agents who work in consulting, sales and after-sale services in many industrial countries and regions in the world. Not exactly what you want? Testing facility consisting of: To offer the strongest sales and after-sale services, we are looking for additional motivated. The flammability chamber is designed for the flammability testing of plastic materials used in electric devices or other appliances.

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This testing helps manufacturers and parts suppliers stay compliant with the industry standards and government regulations that outline safe flammability characteristics.

The requirements typically specify maximum burn rates, which allows more time for the occupants to evacuate the vehicle thus reducing injuries. These highway incidents, which are often preceded by equipment failure or crash, led to hundreds of fatalities that year alone. Because of the potential dangers involved in operating a motor vehicle, the automotive industry is subject to a host of standards and regulations prescribing measures to maximize occupant safety.

Automotive companies send samples of their interior materials to flammability testing labs like ATS to quantify their burning characteristics and help determine their compliance with relevant safety standards. They administer one of the most internationally recognized standard testing specifications for determining the flammability of interior materials: DIN About ATS Applied Technical Services has offered testing, inspection, and engineering consulting capabilities of the highest quality since our founding in Although we regularly serve clients from a variety of industries — including consumer product and manufacturing — with our more generalized flammability testing services , our capabilities as an accredited DIN EN ISO testing lab work for the exclusive benefit of the automotive industry.

This achievement means that a third-party audit found our quality assurance practices to be compliant with and to have effectively implemented the internationally acknowledged standards outlining sound principles of quality assurance.

We believe that delivering quality is an important aspect of our work as testing providers — so much so that we maintain this certification to both demonstrate our sincerity to our clientele and to uphold accountability for the services we provide. All our flammability testing services are performed in accordance with these stringent quality assurance practices. We take certain measures to improve the customer experience and maximize the quality of our services. These include: Returning clear, accurate, detailed reporting within a short turnaround window Equipping customer service representatives to receive questions about the status and results of testing services and to facilitate contact with relevant testing experts Ensuring technicians remain accessible to clients, responsive to their needs, and engaged in solving problems If your company needs to determine the flammability characteristics of automotive interior materials, contact ATS for DIN testing today — We take a closer look!

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DIN 75200 PDF



DIN 75200 Testing



DIN 75200:1980-09


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