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Found in our Beginner Lesson Sets The origins of the classical guitar date back to the fifteenth century. The vihuela, lute, and baroque guitar are the early predecessors of the guitar. With its origins reaching deep into the past, the classical guitar repertoire spans over five hundred years worth of material. Pamela Goldsmith explains the techniques necessary to mastering this timeless art form.

Lesson 1 Here we go JamPlay! A new instructor is joining the squad. Her name is Pamela Goldsmith, and she is here to teach us about classical guitar.

Length: Difficulty: 1. You will learn about nail care and proper tone production. She demonstrates a few new technical exercises in this position. Here you will learn how to advance the "PIMA" technique and work through each finger as you transition from chord to chord. Length: Difficulty: 2. In this lesson she explains how to play the classic piece "Malaguena.

Also known as hammer-ons and pull-offs, this lesson will take you on a knowledge bound adventure. You will learn some exercises that muscle memory and dexterity In lesson 8, Pamela provides additional slur practice with an original study in the key of A minor. Here you will be able to apply the slurring techniques you have learned in previous lessons with an in depth look at Matteo Here you will utilize all the techniques you have learned so far.

In addition, you will walk away with a beautiful This lesson will hone your technique and overall knowledge of the fretboard. Length: Difficulty: 3. This is a short but sweet lesson in which you will mainly stay in 1st position but will Here Pamela demonstrates some fingerpicking exercises that use fingers P, M, and I. You can hang this one on a tree. Here she demonstrates some exercises to develop your fretting hand for classical application. It has a cheerful, circus-like sound and will be a great addition to your repertoire.

Pamela also tells a little history about Aguado himself and his style of guitar playing. Length: Difficulty: 4. Pamela demonstrates the correct fingering and chord positioning. Expand and apply your current knowledge of classical guitar with this great lesson! This time around, she moves to the 5th string. His inspiration and guidance prepared her for her future as a student and teacher. Pamela has performed in master classes and continues to perform solo concerts in the Northwest.

She has served as a graduate assistant teacher at Portland State University in downtown Portland, Oregon, and is an adjunct faculty member at Linfield College McMinnville, OR as well as a private guitar instructor. Pamela is passionate about the history and vitality of the pieces in her repertoire.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons Our acoustic guitar lessons are taught by qualified instructors with various backgrounds with the instrument. Evan Taucher In the classical guitar world, there seems to be a lot outdated instructional advice. And while this type of information Free Lesson Series Details Justin Roth In this lesson Justin introduces his series on playing with a capo and dishes out some basic tips, including how to properly He then shows you how to apply it This strum pattern will completely change the sound of your playing.



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Study No 8 by Dionisio Aguado


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