Over the last few weeks, Google Maps has been preparing to release some useful new features that will make life for commuters slightly more convenient. One of these is a feature that can predict how busy your train or bus is going to be and another relates to bike-sharing services. With data provided by Ito World , Google Maps will integrate real-time updates on bike-sharing docks, available to both Android and iOS devices. After a year of testing the feature in New York City, Google is set to release it in 23 more cities, including Dublin. Barcelona, London, Madrid, Los Angeles and San Francisco are among the other locations this feature will be launched in.

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December Freedom of Information release The following was asked for: 1. All records relating to the tendering and procurement processes run by Dublin City Council for the provision of public amenity services in exchange for access to advertising spaces which led to the selection of JCDecaux as providers of the Dublinbikes scheme A copy of all research undertaken by DCC into the bike share industry prior to the selection of JCDecaux as system providers.

A copy of all records related to the choice and justification of station locations since the inception of the scheme. A copy of all records relating to the yearly advertising revenues received by DCC from JCDecaux to-date as provided for in the original contract. These should be the actual revenues received rather than those originally projected. Should it not be explicit in the contracts, I wish to access all information on any quality assurance provisions agreed between JCDecaux and DCC that impacted, or continue to impact, the running and development of the scheme.

This should include but not be limited to service level agreements, operational performance metrics, and penalties to be applied to the vendor in the event of failure to comply with agreed standards. It should also include any information onprojected technical and other developments to the system ie a product roadmap for the scheme. A copy of all records relating to public consultations carried out by DCC in relation to the scheme.

A copy of all user surveys conducted by DCC since the implementation of the scheme. Section 1.





Google Maps introduces real-time info for Dublinbikes



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