How do I know if the condenser is included? Click to expand The condenser is housed in a plastic box that is inserted above the negative holder. You should receive two condensers.

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History[ edit ] Established in by two brothers, Julius and Gilbert Durst, who were enthusiasts in the field of photography, encouraged by their mother, who was also a keen photographer and had her own darkroom. Products[ edit ] A Durst F60 enlarger Durst ended production of their enlargers in late due to a drop in sales, probably due to growth of minilabs and later digital imaging.

In the 70 years of manufacturing enlargers their sales peaked in with , sold. Durst have filed over patents for various components and designs of enlargers. Now, Durst produce a range of photochemical Durst Lambda and Theta printers and super wide format inkjet printers based on UV polymerization ink technology.

Lambda and Theta photographic printers[ edit ] The Durst Lambda and Theta models are widely used in the photographic printing industry to produce digital C-Type prints on light sensitive colour and monochrome papers and transparency display materials such as Kodak Duratrans and Duraclear. Images are produced by exposing light sensitive material with RGB laser light which is then developed through the relevant chemical process.

The Theta is also capable of holding two different paper types at once. The Durst Lambda is a continuous roll-to-roll single beam, three-laser RGB exposure system giving total size flexibility and achieves an image quality which is superior to all large format printers - photographic, inkjet and electrostatic. The Durst Lambda exposes digital information raster pixel directly to conventional photographic media at full continuous tone with a linear writing speed of up to 65 cm 26 in.

The Lambda produces images with the highest possible resolution 68 billion colours and with a radiometric repeatability of 0. Prints can be produced to an infinite length and when the 50 inch paper width is exceeded, images are automatically divided-up and exposed in strips.


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