DavidStallard said: I recall thinking that 1E spellcasting was Something about weaving threads into a limited amount of slots or something? I do recall some parts of magic were awesome, like how you unlock the power of magic items over time by learning more about it. Click to expand

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Post Apocalyptic Fantasy Wild West Cthulhu setting We Live in an Age of Legend Stories in the world called Eerrath After centuries of hiding underground, humanity has ventured out into the sunlight to reclaim the world.

Dwarfs, elves, halflings, and humans live side by side with other, more exotic, races: the lizard-like dragonborn, the feral shifters, the infernal blooded teiflings, and the living constructs called warforged. Creatures both magical and mundane dwell once more in the forests and jungles. Arcane energies offer power to those willing to learn the ways of magic. Once, long ago, the land grew lush and green. Then the Horrors came, and drowned the world in darkness.

They laid waste to the world in a terrible time now known as the Scourge. The lush forests died. Bustling towns vanished. The Horrors lusted to destroy all life, but they did not succeed. Before their coming, the magicians of the Theran Empire warned the world, and the people took shelter under it. They built fantastic underground cities called kaers and citadels. The Horrors departed before the magicians and wise men had believed they would; the wary people emerged slowly from their kaers, facing the world half in hope that the Scourge had truly ended and half in fear that the Horrors lingered.

Though most of the Horrors left this world, many of them remain, inflicting cruel anguish and suffering on other living creatures. As the races of Eerrath struggle to remake their shattered world, they must combat the remaining Horrors who seek to prolong the destruction and despair of the Scourge.

For the world has changed, almost beyond recognition. Many people died during the Scourge; the Horrors breached some kaers and citadels and destroyed their inhabitants. Other kaers remain sealed, from unknowable disaster or simple fear; their contents await discovery by bold explorers. Should they find any folk still living within, these brave adventurers may lead such fear-darkened souls out to live again in the light of the world Your story starts in Bartertown.

Bartertown was founded by Adventures and merchants who wish to take advantage of Throalic trade polices without becoming a part of the dwarf kingdom.


Earthdawn 4E

Click to expand On the surface, yes. But those choices are intrinsic to being a magician and using your spells. I know it reads like it is more complex setting aside on particular spell and looking at the system as an overall whole which was my intent , but my point is in play manifest complexity rather than examined complexity, if you will the more coherent rules package plays more easily as everything works the same way now, without many of the edge cases.

DKS 1710 PDF

Earthdawn Character Editor

It is analogous to a character class in other role-playing systems. All characters that follow a discipline are known as adepts. Disciplines can only be pursued by individuals that have an innate aptitude for magic. All disciplines use magic in the form of talents. There are fifteen disciplines in the core rules, and numerous others introduced in various sourcebooks.

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