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Write a review Shelves: health-books When I first heard about this concept I was very sceptical. I am a big supporter of orthomolecular and nutritional medicine and the not-very-popular idea of treating the causes of disease and not just suppressing symptoms with drugs After watching a half dozen videos on the subject made by experts and reading about the same number of articles on earthing, I was quite intrigued but still far from convinced of its scientific When I first heard about this concept I was very sceptical.

After watching a half dozen videos on the subject made by experts and reading about the same number of articles on earthing, I was quite intrigued but still far from convinced of its scientific merits. So I came to this book with an open but very sceptical mind and with the attitude that I would have to see a lot of impressive evidence and solid logic to be convinced that this concept was worth bothering with and worth supporting.

Long story short, this book did convince me. Any book can provide lots of testimonial claiming all sorts of health benefits dubious and genuine for just about anything, and this book is no different in that respect.

What impressed me about this book was the story of how the grounding concept was discovered which has an undeniable ring of truth to it , the solid logic of the concept and the studies done so far on grounding. People cut off from the electrical current of the earth for long periods of time develop all sorts of problems which are reversed by grounding, and studies have show the positive effects it has on sleep and also on red blood cells.

The red blood cell before and after photos in the book are amazing as are the thermography images. At least some of the studies done were double blind as well. The fact that trying grounding is either free or very inexpensive, very easy to do, low risk in regards to side effects low-level healing reactions are possible but that is about it and potentially mildly or very helpful for those battling illness and pain also helps.

The main benefits described by the book from grounding are pain relief, reduced inflammation, a reset sleep-wake cycle, feeling calmer and a dampening down of the sympathetic nervous system and adrenaline surges, resynchronisation of cortisol release, protection from EMF radiation and the problems it can cause, relief of muscle tension and headaches plus speeded healing and prevention of bedsores. It can also help you cope with jet-lag. This book explains: "Exposure to sunlight produces vitamin D in the body.

Think of these electrons as vitamin G--G for ground. Just like vitamin D, you need vitamin G for your health as well. I feel a significantly blunted adrenaline response which is great as adrenaline surges are part of my disease and very detrimental to my long-term health which has led to me feeling calmer and more able to cope with stress and I have also noticed a normalisation of my sleep-wake cycle which is also a part of my disease and possibly better sleep quality.

It would be easy to read the many testimonials in the book and to expect far too much and be disappointed. I was a little bit, I have to say. I wonder if this could be due to the fact I was already very electron boosted through taking high dose vitamin C and GSH? More on this below. The prices are pretty good for grounding products although I do have some concern about how you know when they need to be replaced in years to come. My dad has said to me that I should do my own trial on the mats and that he could disconnect the grounding wire from the wall for me without my knowing about it on random days or weeks.

I may well take him up on that in a few months! After 6 months or so I may begin my tests though. Studies have backed up the reduction of EMF radiation with grounding.

For this issue in particular grounding seems very promising and makes a lot of sense. If you are ill, read this book if you can and make up your own mind I say. See if your library has a copy at least, like mine did, and then your initial risk is minuscule.

It should not be ignored or dismissed out of hand without proper open-minded investigation, particularly as the risk and cost is so very low. Please actually read this book before making up your mind. Thanks to the authors of this book for writing it, doing all the research and doing such a great job with both. I look forward to reading about the new grounding studies being done in the near future.

Some crossover research would be great too. As vitamin C experts Dr Levy explains, Vitamin C is the premier extracellular antioxidant and glutathione is the premier intracellular antioxidant. Vitamin C and glutathione are powerful and important antioxidants taken alone and have an even more powerful synergistic effect when they are taken together.

It is this invisibility that makes it so difficult to accept them as real entities that reliably treat diseases more effectively than antibiotics or prescription drugs.

Yet this is precisely the case. Once a sufficient quantity of electrons is delivered to the body, it brings what can only be described as fantastic clinical results when compared to traditional medical therapies.

And, this has already been shown to be true for a wide variety of medical conditions. When I first heard about this concept I was very sceptical. My dad says the same thing. It has not made a noticeable difference to me, as have so many other things such as ubiqunol, B vitamins and so on.

It is of course difficult when trying and doing so many health promoting things, to work out which treatment is doing what. When I miss a dose of that I am immediately aware of it, the positive impact of it on my life is so enormous. It really helped me turn a corner, as did vitamin D. Of course this is only my case study of one, but my personal opinion is that trying grounding should not take the place of taking a balanced orthomolecular program including high-dose vitamin C.

Doing both is fine, especially if you have EMF issues, but expecting grounding to be all or almost all that is needed for healing serious disease is unrealistic It is also not an idea supported in this book, although I have heard it from some grounding fans.


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