In fact, Bernhard declared in his will that every one of his literary works in perpetuity must not be printed or presented within the state of Austria, or within the geographical boundaries of the present state of Austria, whatever that area may in the future be called. Yet he never made an attempt to emigrate; he lived in Austria all his life. Bernhard was a man of contradictions, and his In most of his fictions—including this novella—the Austrian Thomas Bernhard insults everything Austrian. Bernhard was a man of contradictions, and his works--The Loser, for instance—are full of contradictions too. They are filled with solitary characters who spew forth spleen and invective, loathing the seediness of everyday life, and yet these solitaries are often bound together by some ideal which points beyond pettiness, some absolute which both inspires and degrades them.

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Gazil I suspect it does; the translation of this book seems to lose almost nothing. Our narrator was also a Loser, but of lesser degree, he was not suicidal and survived to ponder upon the deaths and lives of two of his friends.

And I must say: Njega je ubio Glenov talenat i njegova iskrenost kada mu je rekao da je gubitnik. But the convent Grey — The color that most of the characters created during large part of twentieth century and whole of twenty-first century till date, are painted in.

He even failed at dominating his weak sister, at terrorizing her into abjection, so he elects to fail comprehensively. The Loser goes about in a humorous and absurd way of exploring the universal experience of encountering someone better than you in an activity that, prior to the encounter, you felt you were sitting at the head of the table as top dog.

Buy for others Or not sit at all. View all 14 comments. View all 47 comments. The writing is schizophrenic and enraging at times; Bernhard was never content to tell an easy story in an easy manner, and in fact, he makes it about as difficult as possible for the reader, with frequent, feverish bouts of repetition, little character development, and ideas about everything that just seem to leap out and then vanish back Bernhard certainly is an intense one.

There, one day, standing just outside a practice room, they heard Glenn Gould playing the Goldberg Variations. Malogtado scritte per clavicembalo, sono state trasposte per pianoforte negli anni cinquanta del secolo scorso, specialmente grazie al geniale pianista canadese Glenn Gould. Or for that matter, our narrator, in his directionless transit? It seems like GG had no idea of the effect he was having on the two friends, but then again, GG never read The Loserso how could he?

Un cammino impervio, soprattutto per i due protagonisti che si devono confrontare con il genio assoluto del piano, ovvero Malogradp Gould. Nobody could survive in the shadow of Glenn Gould. Insomma, la tendenza molto naturale di un uomo sconfitto dalla vita di sconfinare in un pessimismo cosmico.

Se non possono essere la perfezione, allora vogliono essere niente, e per questo abbandonano la carriera pianistica. Sep 07, Michael rated it really liked it. In Losers that ideal is music. They should be put up against a wall and shot! As Gould intuits, Wertheimer is doomed to perish, body and soul, in his adjacency to the genius and accomplishment of others. Wallace also writes about that question in his article about Tracy Austin, the tennis star, and he hypothesizes that there is some sort of innate unselfconscious vapidity common to all who practice a sport at the very top level.

Jack Dawsonwith afterword by Mark M. He was even better than Horowitz. No Well, here we are again in the land of obsessive compulsive disorder, suicidal rage and death panic.

Above all he is ironic, and the reader can never be sure whether Bernhard means what tuomas says or is larking around with us. They basked in unhappiness way too much and I malograd rashes on my skin, unexpectedly. As Wertheimer comes to see the accuracy of this epithet, he gradually loses his grip on life. There are three main characters: And in the cases of both those exampl Ever wondered if you were a genius?

Lists with This Book. The novel consists almost entirely of recollections and ruminations relating to the relationships between the three. Might take in a movie later. Kindle Edition Verified Malogeado. Most 10 Related.



Golmaran In qualche modo te lo devi far bastare. What I know is that I can relate way too much to feeling berhard. What would they have done if they had never met Glenn Gould? Books by Thomas Bernhard. I love to hike. No culture, usually Austrian, can have a single redemptive aspect in its favor.


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