This review contains spoilers. With the frenetic pace slowed down some and the narrative focusing solely on the central duo of Wil and Amberle, some substance is added to these previously shallow characters. Wil Ohmsford in particular is beginning to feel like a far more fleshed-out entity. After flitting repeatedly between wanting to learn druid magic with Allanon and travelling to Storlock alone to become a healer, the half-elf his heritage has been altered from the books seems to have finally settled on learning the ways of his Shannara ancestors in order to help save the world from the oncoming demons.

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Background[ edit ] After Terry Brooks had completed all work on his first novel, The Sword of Shannara , in fall —having begun it in —he began work on another book soon after. The plot he originally chose featured the son of Menion Leah as the protagonist and a girl with a Siren -like song that could manipulate the properties of objects around her. Brooks outlined about three-quarters of the story before beginning to write; he refused an attempt by Lester del Rey to see it because Brooks wanted to impress the editor.

When Brooks finished three-quarters of the tale in fall after writing around his law practice hours, he found himself stuck and could not think of a suitable ending. He decided to send the story to del Rey to get his opinion on what the end should be. The reply he received was quite unexpected; del Rey firmly believed that Brooks needed to simply get rid of the started novel and start anew due to a plethora of problems he saw.

Once del Rey finished a full line-by-line examination of the plot, Brooks leafed through the comments and found them to be disturbingly accurate. This time, he created an outline for the full story and mailed it to del Rey and his wife for comments prior to delving into the writing process once more. Instead, he gave the protagonist role to the grandson of the hero in Sword, Wil Ohmsford.

In place of the siren-oriented tale, he took on the history of the Elves. He finished it in late and sent it off to del Rey. To address this, Brooks used Ander Elessedil, formerly a minor character with little impact on the plot, and turned him into the focus of a majority of the book. Four months later, he sent the story out once again. This time it only required minor alterations. The Elves, extremely long-lived and possessing great magic, created the Elfstones.

As a necessary balance to the light, darkness was also created in the beginning of time; from this darkness the Demons were born. After years of battle between the light and the dark, the Elves summoned their greatest magic and created the Forbidding, a spell that imprisoned the Demons beyond the confines of the world. They also created the Ellcrys , a beautiful silver tree with crimson leaves to maintain the Forbidding. Unfortunately, this drained nearly all the strength of the Elves, leaving them with very little magic.

Most of the creatures of Faerie died out in this period of waning magic; yet the Elves survived, though diminished in splendor. In time, they came to resemble more and more the human race that had recently evolved, both in strength and longevity. Afraid of the rapidly multiplying humans, Elves went into hiding, remaining one with nature, ever guarding the Ellcrys. Even when mankind nearly destroyed the world in the Great Wars , the Elves lived on, spending their last remaining magic to save the Ellcrys.

In the aftermath of the destruction, as mankind split into "four" distinct races, the Elves took that opportunity to come out from hiding. Indeed, most believed that the Elves were just another offshoot of mankind, like the Dwarves, Gnomes and Trolls.

The Elves emerged as leaders in the new world; it was the Elf Galaphile who summoned the first Druid council at Paranor. Present[ edit ] The magical Ellcrys tree was beginning to die, thus weakening the spell that held the Forbidding. The Ellcrys spoke to the Chosen , telling them of a rebirth, a process which enables a new tree to be born—but this can only be done at the fountain of the Bloodfire.

However, no one knows of the location of the Bloodfire. A search in the ancient Elven library reveals one reference to the Bloodfire. It states that it lies in a place named "Safehold". At the same time, a powerful Demon, the Dagda Mor , escapes from the waning Forbidding, bringing with it two other demons named the Reaper and the Changeling. The Dagda Mor then sends the Reaper to kill all the Chosen, and the Changeling to act as a spy for the demons within the Elven city.

Eventine finds himself at a loss, for only the Chosen can make the rebirth of the Ellcrys happen. The Druid Allanon appeared, telling Eventine that his coming must remain a secret, and promising to find out the location of Safehold. He went to the ancient Druid keep, Paranor , in an attempt to locate Safehold. After learning its location, Allanon was ambushed by the Dagda Mor and a handful of Furies.

She eventually agreed to return to Arborlon with them, only giving in when Demon Wolves were closing in upon them. Allanon fended off the Demons while Wil and Amberle escaped to safety. The King of the Silver River took them in and sheltered them just before they would have been caught; after talking with him, the duo discover they have been transported miles away from where they started, and have no idea if Allanon survived or where he was. They decided to continue on to Arborlon and hoped to meet him there, but on the way their horse was stolen by Rovers, a group of people who travel in caravans and recognize no laws but their own.

Wil insisted that they get the horse back, and ingratiated himself to the Rovers and their leader Cephelo by using his skills as healer to help some of the sick or mildly injured members of the family. He met Eretria , a beautiful Rover girl Cephelo said was his daughter; in reality, she was not his daughter at all and would be sold now that she was of an age to marry. She was immediately attracted to Wil and wanted to help him get the horse back, if he promised to take her with him when he escaped.

A giant demon attacked the caravan and Wil was forced to use the Elfstones to defend the Rovers, finally destroying the demon, but damaging himself somehow in a way he did not understand. Cephelo was angry with him, but let him and Amberle leave with their horse. Eretria was left behind but promised to Wil that they would meet again.

After being pursued by demons, Wil and Amberle managed to regroup with Allanon and return to Arborlon. Amberle received a seed from the dying Ellcrys and prepared to go to Safehold with Wil, six Elven companions and the Captain of the Home Guard , Crispin. After they journeyed by boat to the Elven outpost at Drey Wood, the group found the entire garrison that had been stationed at the outpost dead—and the Reaper , who had killed all of them.

They managed to escape by setting off down the river once more, but two of the Elven guards were run down and killed in the process. Wil realized that there must have been a spy in Arborlon, and that if the spy knew about Drey Wood, then it was likely their mission was known and they would be pursued the entire way. The party then goes to the Matted Brakes, where another two of the group are killed by an unknown massive creature.

After escaping from the Brakes, the remaining group of five found themselves at an ancient Elven fortress named Pykon. The group made the decision to rest the night there, but the Reaper found them again and killed the final two Elven hunters. Wil and Amberle ran into the network of tunnels inside of the Pykon to try to find Crispin, who had gone into there to try to find a way out.

Wil and Amberle finally lost the Reaper by destroying a bridge over a gorge, but they lost Crispin as well. During the battle, Wil failed to unlock the power of the Elfstones and believed that his human blood was blocking him from using them. He was resigned to not being able to use the stones anymore, and decided that they would just have to get along without them.

He also agreed to fly over the Hollows every day for a week in case the duo had need of his help. Having no weapons, the Demons used human-wave tactics in the ensuing battles and literally ran over the Elven army, even managing to injure King Eventine.

Defeated, the Elven force retreated first to Baen Draw, successfully defending it until it was discovered that they were being flanked. They then retreated to Arborlon, their last line of defense. In the process, they lost their commander, Kael Pindanon.

Shortly after their return to Arborlon, Dwarf and Troll contingents joined them, uniting banners from all four of the Four Lands for the first time in history. Eventine killed the Demon, but was badly wounded and near death. Amberle and Wil traveled to Grimpen Ward, a town of thieves and cutthroats in the Wilderun. Wil caused a stir by healing an old innkeeper woman and jokingly claiming he did it with magic. Thieves try to rob him and Amberle, but they were rescued by Cephelo and Eretria.

Cephelo takes them to Hebel, an old hermit who lives in the Wilderun. Hebel recognized the name Safehold and knew where it was; under a lonely mountain in the hollows, the domain of the Witch Sisters. They soon found out that the Elfstones were stolen by Cephelo, and that he had wanted them ever since he had seen Wil use them on the demon that attacked the caravan.

Wil left Amberle at the edge of the Hollows and pursued Cephelo. Eretria once again helped Wil to locate Cephelo, only to find that he and the rest of his followers were killed by the Reaper. Wil regained the Elfstones and traveled back to the rim of the Hollows with Eretria. He found Amberle missing.

Hebel appeared and agreed to track Amberle for Wil. Mallenroh captured them and decided to keep the Elfstones for herself, locking up Wil and the rest as prisoners until Wil agreed to give her the stones.

Amberle both absorbed the Bloodfire and bathed the seed of the Ellcrys in it. By this point, the Demons had begun a full frontal assault upon Arborlon. Despite desperate attempts to blunt the attacks, the seven gates fell one by one to the superior numbers of the Demons. At this point, Allanon engaged and defeated the Dagda Mor in a titanic battle while the forces of "good", now severely depleted, regrouped at their last line of defense: the Gardens of Life , where the Ellcrys resided.

The Demons tried to reach the Ellcrys to destroy her, but they were held back by those forces of "good" just long enough so that Wil and Amberle could fly in. Amberle touched the dead Ellcrys and was transformed into the new Ellcrys; and with this action, Amberle restored the Forbidding, banishing the Demons back to their alternate universe. It was revealed by Allanon to Wil that he knew all along that Amberle would become the new Ellcrys. Wil was angry and told Allanon he should have been honest, but Allanon claimed that she would not have believed him.

He reminds Wil that Amberle knew what would happen and made the choice herself, and that no one forced her. She did what only she could do, and in so doing saved humanity from the Demons. It is then revealed that Allanon has aged, because he used too much of the magic in the fighting with the Demons.

He said he was going to Paranor to sleep, and then left in the middle of the night without seeing or speaking with anyone else. Eventine died, and Ander became the new King. With the Demons banished once again, the survivors of the war returned to their homes.

He then left Arborlon to continue his studies as a healer, taking Eretria with him. Main article: The Shannara Chronicles The rights to movie adaptations for all of the Shannara novels were sold to Warner Bros until The story would begin with Elfstones, leaving Sword, the first book in the series, for later.

In an interview, Brooks mentioned his pleasure with how his story has been adapted. He takes after his grandfather in looks, with his fair hair and the pointed ears that mark him as having Elven blood. Unlike Shea who is quite callow before his adventures, Wil has a more mature outlook, partly due to the early death of his parents.

Their untimely passing inspired him to train with the renowned Gnome Healers at Storlock, and due to his persistence he was eventually allowed to train there despite not being a Gnome.


The Elfstones of Shannara

It provides the history of the Elves , which was only hinted at in the preceding story, and follows Wil Ohmsford , grandson of Shea the hero of the first book and inheritor of the Elfstones. Contents [ show ] History of the Elves Before the dawn of mankind was the age of Faerie, an era from which many powerful spirits such as the King of the Silver River came. The Elves, extremely long-lived and possessing great magic, created the Elfstones. However, as a necessary balance to the light, darkness was also created in the beginning of time; from this darkness the Demons were born. After years of conflict between the light and the dark, the Elves summoned their greatest magic and created the Forbidding , a spell that imprisoned the Demons beyond the confines of the world. They also created the Ellcrys , a beautiful silver tree with crimson leaves to maintain the Forbidding. Unfortunately, this drained nearly all the strength of the Elves, leaving them with very little magic.


The Shannara Chronicles episode 3 review: Fury

They were mined by Trolls and given to the Elves to be made over into talismans. Because it was the Elves who infused them with their magic, only those with sufficient Elven blood can use them. The Stones are the most powerful extant forms of Elven magic. Contents [ show ] Characteristics Elfstones were generally created as sets of three: one stone for the heart, one for the mind, and one for the body. The mix of minerals and magic makes each set unique, and it took years to make a single set. The magic of the stones will only work for an Elf or a person with sufficient Elven blood.

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