Biography[ edit ] Scholars of Eliza Haywood universally agree upon only one thing: the exact date of her death. Valentine Haywood. Apparently, that person felt loyal enough to Haywood to honor her request. Although, scholars believe that she was most likely born near Shropshire or London, England in This birth date is extrapolated from a combination of her death date and her stated age at the time of her death as Haywood died on 25 February and obituaries notices list her age as sixty years old. Some scholars have speculated that she is related to Sir Richard Fowler of Harnage Grange, who had a younger sister named Elizabeth.

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He loves the beautiful Ansellina. Ansellina The woman that Chevalier Brillian loves and she loves him. However, a man named Bellpine also loves her and he wants to marry her.

She is the sister of Alovisa. By the end of the Third Part, she is happily married to Brillian. Bellpine The other man in love with Ansellina. He challenges Chevalier Brillian to a duel for her hand in which he loses, thus prompting Brillian to run away, as duels are illegal.

He loves Camilla. Camilla The daughter of Fialasco and the step daughter to Ciamara. Both Henry Frankville and Cittolini love her. She loves Frankville. Marquese Saquillier The man that kidnaps Melliora from the monastery so he can marry or rape her. So he marries another at the end of the third part.

Carlotta The woman Marquese Saquillier marries in the end. She has always loved him. Cittolini A greasy man in love with Camilla.

He is the father of Violetta. He is described as older and with darker skin. He is not to be trusted, according to Haywood. He dies of heartbreak when he thinks his daughter, Violetta is dead. Violetta The daughter of Cittolini. She loves the count and only wants to help him. Violetta dies of heartbreak when she learns her father died of heartbreak thinking she had died when she left as Fidelo.

Melantha The sister of Baron Espernay. She succeeds with her plan and gets pregnant. However, she is one of the lucky women, as she finds a respectable man to marry her and he never guesses about her early pregnancy.

She is one of the only woman to be rewarded for her poor actions. Update this section!


Eliza Haywood



Love In Excess


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