Step 1: Use the deployment template to create the folder structure and required information to provision the new application. Follow the instructions. Application name specified in this step will be used in the Developer Studio when creating the scripts for the data foundry ITL process Note: You can create as many application as you need with unquie ports of the dgraph and the log server. The EAC and workbench ports remain the same. Examine the folders. You will see the Sample Wine data scripts, which you replace later.

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Mezijora See comments in the controller. For a flat dimension with no hierarchy, the refinement parent will always be the dimension root, because there would be no further refinements if a value had already been selected for the dimension.

The property is opened in the Property editor. Combining queries in the URL is used exclusively develpment performance improvement because it reduces the number of independent queries that are queued up waiting for the MDEX Engine.

The following topics provide details on these configuration options. This software and related documentation are provided under a license agreement containing restrictions on use and disclosure and are protected by intellectual property laws.

Using paging control methods The Presentation API includes several methods that you can use for paging. Configuring properties and dimensions for range filtering Using range filters does not require Dgidx or Dgraph configuration flags. In this case, the asterisk stands for the unmatched stratum. Reverse engineering, disassembly, or decompilation of this software, unless required by law for interoperability, is basiic.

If wildcard search is guude during indexing, users can enter search queries containing asterisk operators to request partial matching. An alternative to the Nrc parameter is to use API calls to create and set the dynamic refinement configuration for the navigation query. Renders the record set results for the current query in a non-formatted display.

In other words, to retrieve the aggregated record counts beneath a given refinement, use the DGraph. As with general record sort, use the Ns parameter to specify a record sort based on the distance of a geocode property from a given reference point.

A possible source of confusion might be that if snippeting is enabled, the records from Property-X will not have wood and wool highlighted if they existwhile the records from Property-W will have all the search terms highlighted.

The following example shows one EQL expression for the module: It can be numeric, alphabetical, or geospatial, and determines the type of sort that occurs. The cost of phrase search operations depends mostly on how frequently the query words appear in the data. Using the UI Reference Implementation A null in disabled refinements configuration means that no drvelopment refinements will be returned.

Displays basix aggregated record page for one aggregated record. Each row displays some identifying information about that specific record, such as a name, title, or identification number. Combining queries in the URL is used exclusively for performance improvement because it reduces the number of independent queries that are queued up waiting for the MDEX Engine. Key properties that do not refer to a valid dimension or property name are removed by the MDEX Engine at startup or configuration update time and are logged with error messages.

Four basic queries While the queries you send to an Endeca MDEX Engine can become quite complex, there are four basic queries that you should be familiar with. As mentioned above, this behavior can be changed. Format the query results and return them to the client browser. Strata property Dimension values that are stratified have the DGraph. This method eases development and ensures load balancing, redundancy and statelessness.

Consider the following characteristics: NETtherefore, is: Navigation objects also contain the information required cevelopment build any follow-on queries. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice and is not warranted to be error-free.

However, aggregated records consist of many records, which can have different representative values. The following code examples show how to retrieve the dynamic statistics for aggregated records. Although you can implement sorting without first retrieving a list of valid sorting keys from the result object, this approach requires that the application have its parameters coordinated properly with the MDEX Developmenf.

Newer Post Older Post Home. However, the default operation of phrase search examines potential matching text to verify the presence of the enveca phrase query string. These JavaScript files contain functions that combine the URL from the current browser request with form data to create the new browser requests.

The number of records that are returned is controlled by: If the maximum number of words in a phrase is exceeded, the phrase is truncated to the maximum word count and a warning is logged. This list will be empty unless the dimension has been specified by the. If you only want to see the first three, for example, specify 3 for the Dp parameter. The Presentation API can iterate through this list, extract the identifying information for each record, and display endeva table containing the results.

For dimensions, check the Enable for rollup checkbox in the Advanced tab. The number of setter methods Javaor properties. Related Posts.



General download instructions Log in using your credentials and accept the terms and conditions Select the "Oracle Endeca" Product Pack and your platform You may see many different media pack options for our most recent release, past releases, and other Oracle Endeca products. Select the Media Pack for the product you are interested in. You will then be presented the download page where you can individually select the components you wish to install. Please refer to the Media Pack Readme for complete information describing which software components satisfy each software license.


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Vok For stratumInt, a positive integer will boost the dimension value while a negative integer will bury it. NET return the properties as a PropertyMap object of the aggregated record. Once this loop is initiated, bwsic DimGroup object is created. About phrase search Phrase search allows users to enter queries for text matching of an ordered sequence of one or more specific words.






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