It is easy to read, and contains many of the tools I recognize to have been effective in my own life and business. It puts a great collection of self improvement tools into a step-by-step, actionable plan. As a result, I will be making improvements to how I do my own coaching and mentoring. This daily focus on the top 3 creates a life you actually want. Eg Spiritual Growth, Healthy Living, True Livelihood if I get those 3 right, my relationship will go right too, but not other way around.

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Struggling with underperformance? Struggling with a perfectionist mindset? In his business performance coaching, mental training expert Dr. Jason Selk helps you to create a process that allows you to control the scoreboard. After working with Jason, you will know how to develop the mental toughness necessary to dominate the competition.

As a result, your personal and professional life will have more balance and happiness. Jason Selk uses a concrete and proven process that has helped thousands learn to consistently perform at or above potential.

All coaching plans are specifically tailored to fit the strengths and needs of each client. You too can learn to use your mind to control your scoreboard of success. Individual Executive Coaching A results-driven month program designed to assist in increasing ability, consistency and bottom line results. Executive Coaching Certification Program The first framework of its kind that teaches people exactly what to do to achieve high-level performance in business while improving personal health and relationships.

Selk 2 one-on-one mastery coaching sessions with Dr. Jason Selk comes to you personally to train your Executive Team on how to develop mental toughness and increase both personal and professional well-being and productivity. Mental Toughness Training promotes the three fundamentals for mental toughness and high-level success: A results-driven month program designed to assist in increasing ability, consistency and bottom line results.

We firmly believe the most effective method of producing results is to specifically tailor all coaching plans for each individual and organization.

You do an outstanding job of developing clear and concise strategies for growth and making sure the results follow. We would not have reached this level without your help. Jason is the correct prescription for what ailed me. I look forward to another great year of positive metamorphosis. Thanks for the continual encouragement and support. On to awesomeness! Including Bobby Knight and Tom Izzo. Scheduled 17 appts in 2 days.


Executive Toughness: The Mental-Training Program to Increase Your Leadership Performance




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