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Tomorrow they will laugh; today, money has to be gathered Tomorrow they will love; today there is no time. But tomorrow never comes, and one day they find themselves burdened with all kinds of gadgets, burdened with money.

They have come to the top of the ladder, and there is nowhere to go except to jump in a lake. I have always dreamt of becoming world famous, rich, and successful. Can you say something that will help me in the fulfillment of my desire?

No, sir, not at all — never, because your desire is suicidal. I cannot help you to commit suicide. I can help you to grow and be, but I cannot help you to commit suicide, I cannot help you to destroy yourself for nothing. Ambition is poison. If you want to be a good painter, I can help you — I help creativity. But creativity has nothing to do with name and fame, success and money. And I am not saying that if they come, then you have to renounce them. If they come, it is okay, enjoy them.

His energy is political, how can he be poetic? If a person is trying to be rich, how can he be a real painter? His whole energy is concerned with being rich. A painter needs his whole energy in the painting, and the painting is here now. And richness may come somewhere in the future — may come, may not come. There is no necessity; it is all accidental — success is accidental, fame is accidental.

But bliss is not accidental. I can help you to be blissful; you can paint and be blissful. Whether the painting becomes famous or not, whether you become a Picasso or not is not the point at all, but I can help you to paint in such a way that while you are painting, even Picasso may feel jealous of you. You can be utterly lost in your painting, and that is the real joy. Those are the moments of love and meditation; those are the moments that are divine. A divine moment is one in which you are utterly lost — when your boundaries disappear, when for a moment you are not and godliness is.

But I cannot help you to be successful. I have nothing against it; it is perfectly good. Success cannot nourish you; it has no nutrients in it — success is just hot air. Now, Somerset Maugham was one of the most famous, successful, rich persons of his age, but the memoirs are revealing.

Robin Maugham writes about his famous and successful uncle, Somerset Maugham: He was certainly the most famous author alive. And the saddest The royalties from his books still flowed in from all over the world, and so did the fan letters.

The nephew goes on to write: "What is the happiest memory of your life? His villa itself and the wonderful garden — a fabulous setting on the edge of the Mediterranean — were worth six hundred thousand pounds. He had eleven personal servants, but he was not happy.

I shall not even be able to take a single table with me. For a while he was silent I wish I had never written a single word. What has it brought to me? My whole life has been a failure, and now it is too late to change.

What can success bring to you? Now, this man, Somerset Maugham, lived in vain. He lived long — ninety-one years — he could have been a very contented man, fulfilled. But if success can give it, only then; if riches can give it, only then; if a big villa and servants can give it, only then. In the ultimate analysis of life, name and fame are just irrelevant.

All that matters in the final reckoning is how you lived each moment of your life. Was it a joy, was it a celebration? In small things, were you happy? Taking a bath, sipping tea, cleaning the floor, roaming around the garden, planting trees, talking to a friend, or sitting silently with your beloved, or looking at the moon, or just listening to the birds — were you happy in all these moments?

Was each moment a transformed moment of luminous happiness, was it radiant with joy? You ask me whether I can help you in the fulfillment of your desire. No, not at all, because that desire is your enemy; it will destroy you. And one day, you will weep in frustration, and then you will say, "And now it is too late to change. It is too late. I can help you go through an alchemical change, but I cannot guarantee anything in the worldly sense.

I guarantee every success in the inner world; I can make you rich, as rich as any Buddha — and only Buddhas are rich. The people who have only worldly things around them are not really rich; they are poor people, befooling themselves and others that they are rich. Deep down is the beggar. They are not the real emperors. Buddha came to a city, and the king was a little hesitant to go and receive him. He said, "But why? Why do you insist? Why should I go to receive a beggar?

You go to receive him; otherwise, you are not worth serving. Reluctantly, he went. But when he had seen Buddha, he went back, touched the feet of the old man, his prime minister, and he said, "You were right: He is the king; I am a beggar. Here sometimes kings are beggars and beggars are kings. Look in. The heart is rich when it throbs with joy; the heart is rich when it falls in harmony with Tao, with nature, with the ultimate law of life.

The heart is rich when you fall in harmony with the whole; that is the only richness there is. Otherwise, one day you will weep and you will say, "It is too late. I am here to enhance your life. I am here to give you life abundant. Sometimes I have a feeling that now I am ripe for the world, that now I can go and do things, like, "What a woman has to do, a woman has to do. I have spent a lot of time in the community of meditators around you, and I have loved it.

But now that I am closer than ever to understanding what meditation really is, all these fantasies of fame and fortune emerge. Why can I not just sit down, be at peace with the here and now, and soak up the love that showers upon me every day? Am I really so blind? There are many kinds of people who have come to me.

Most of them are accidental; they did not come with a definite vision of what they were coming here for, and when they came, they got involved in meditations, they got involved with my presence, with the love that exists around me. They stayed, but deep in their unconscious, their old desires were still alive. So on the surface, they were feeling good — but the surface is thin. You say, "Sometimes I have a feeling that now I am ripe for the world.

The day you are ripe for the world, I will tell you. You cannot have a certificate yet; you are not ripe for the world! But this is how mind is cunning. The mind wants to go into the world not because you are ripe, but because all those repressed feelings want their fulfillment: "Now I can go and do things. Going down in history means going to your graveyard. History is only a chronicle of those who are dead.

Strange idea you have Whatever a woman has to do, she can do here. Why go into the wide world? Create a charitable trust? You cannot eat the money, and you cannot live by money alone — and not just money to survive but lots of money. Have you ever thought about what you mean by "lots of money"?

Is there a limit to it? Because "lots of money" can mean anything. And how are you going to earn lots of money?


Fame, Fortune, and Ambition: What Is the Real Meaning of Success?

Shakasar But most importantly, he preaches. Other books in the series. Sep 25, Abhijit Suvarna rated it it was amazing Shelves: Incredible This book was like having a drink with osho and having a deep 8 hour conversation. He ultimately returned to India and a revived Pune ashram, where he died in Since his death inthe influence of his teachings continues to expand, reaching seekers of all ages in virtually every country of the world. Good fun and food for thought too.


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Fame, Fortune, and Ambition : What is the Value in Striving for Worldly Success?



Fame, Fortune, and Ambition


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