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Internal fuses are sized for fault protection and if a fuse was opened it would indicate that service is required. Fuse replacement should be made by qualified technical personnel. Page 9 2. Page 11 3.

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Our Take: There is a lot to digest here but we feel there is an fps upgrade option for every user represented well. For Speed Seekers: The fps Double platinum is for people who have a little more cash to invest in the camera and a craving for better frame rates.

You will get fps at p and better low light at the cost of sensor size however. If you absolutely need that higher frame rate, it is a little more to get that. However if you want to retain your 2. It has crazy fast frame rates at p at fps. The low light at 25lux is astounding. It is a low light monster with Which is really the killer feature of this camera.

You get high frame rates with impressive low light. As for final performance we will have to see but it sure looks like a low light monster. If you want to save on lights and need the best performing frame rates this upgrade option is unbeatable. For the 4k — TV and Filmmaker crowd: The fps 4k is all about the filmmaker who needs the resolution and has the option of nearly reaching fps at p if needed.

You will sacrifice low light performance and half the frame rate at p compared to the Hex but you gain p, 2k,2. It is almost twice as sensitive which is amazing news. You get 7. You really get the best of both worlds with this camera. HSC is ordering this option as we feel for our needs this camera fits the bill and makes it more future proof for delivering content to screens with ever higher resolutions.

That is a lot of bang for your money. Conclusion: The decision is ultimately yours but we sure have made up our minds with the 4k option. It is more than we ever though would be offered. At all levels you are getting a huge upgrade from the early stages of this product. It will be a matter of testing these cameras once in the field but on paper they have destroyed the spec sheets of anything out there when it comes to frame rates for slow motion at a reasonable cost.

For people that still want a camera but did not back the project at Kickstarter you can order one at the Pre Order Site at a slightly higher cost. However future retail cameras will command a higher price. So this is your chance to get on the ground floor if you missed the Kickstarter campaign.

Disclaimer: We do not have a financial stake besides being backers for a camera in the Kickstarter project.

We are not responsible for charging, shipping, functionality or any other aspect of these cameras. We only report the news! For illustration purposes fps looks like this when played back at regular speed!


FPS100048 TDK Corporation, FPS100048 Datasheet

The warranty shall not apply to defects resulting from unauthorized modifications or from operation exceeding the environmental specifications of the product or if the Warranty seal has been removed or altered by anyone other than Densei-Lambda authorized personnel. No other warranty is expressed or implied. For products returned to Densei-Lambda for warranty service, the buyer shall prepay shipping charges to Densei-Lambda and Densei-Lambda shall pay the shipping charges to return the product to the buyer. Densei-Lambda shall not be liable for errors contained in this document or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of this material.


FPS1000 – AC / DC Single Output: 1000W – 3000W



TOA Electronics FPS-S1U, FPS1000-24, FPS1000-32, FPS-T1U, FPS1000-48, FPS1000-12 User Manual



Tdk-lambda FPS1000-24 Manuals


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