From old world style to classic modern design, Fypon offers the largest and most architecturally correct styles and designs of moulding and trim. From our popular trim and mouldings, to our balustrade systems and decorative millwork, each product is manufactured by experts in polyurethane molding technology. Discover trim, gables, pediments, crossheads, corbels, rafter tails and so much more. Fypon products offer a unique way to enhance the architectural style of your home that create harmony through historically accurate and detailed products that bring out the best in any home.

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Next skip Baluster Example The products in this section of the catalog are organized by style and then size. Once you determine the style of balustrade system desired, you can find the right size for your project with all the parts and accessories needed to complete the system, conveniently grouped together.

This size designates the width of the top and bottom rail. In addition to these three sizes, we offer a stone-textured system, which has a 6" wide top and bottom rail. Planning Your Layout Balusters If you are using baluster panels, determine how many of them you wish to use first, then fill in the remaining space between the panels and newels with balusters. For each baluster, we have noted a center spacing dimension. This is the maximum center-to-center distance between balusters that does not allow a 4" ball to pass through at any point.

The number of balusters you need can be found by dividing the rail span, in inches, by the center spacing dimension shown under each part. NOTE: When dividing gives you a fractional result, always round up to the next whole number as shown in the example. This kit connects both ends of one section, requiring only one kit per section.

NOTE: Fypon rail installation kits will not work on stair applications. Top and bottom rails do not come pre-drilled. Newel Posts Each newel post will require one newel post installation kit NPK to anchor the base of the post, as well as any post tops, balls or trim collars desired.

All balustrade accessories are unattached and must be ordered separately. Columns and Porch Posts A variety of structural post options are available to customize your balustrade system. Choose from structural porch posts or structural columns in the Porch Posts, Columns and Post Wrap section, beginning on page NOTE: When using porch posts with any railing system, make sure that the base height of the post can accommodate the overall height of your railing system.

You may also fill out our Custom Quote Request Form, which can be obtained at www. Fypon reserves the right to hollow out the back of any product without notice. This space is not intended to be used for blocking purposes. Some products may be made as assemblies. Images are representative of style, actual product will vary by size.


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Tauzilkree Returns are not accepted. Products in this catalog include PVC boards and sheets, trellis systems, trim profiles, rail kits, post kits, porch posts, and grab rails. I fypon catalog this is a personal project inquiry and not a promotional message or solicitation. If you need help, feel free to give us a call at for assistance. A new QuickRail Straight Rail Kit with rails made of PVCwhich includes deluxe straight rails with a glass spindle style, has been introduced for Fypon polyurethane products are easy-to-install, low maintenance and designed to save money by reducing labor. Fypon Door Trim Kit.


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