Managing Editor P. He has studied at the universities of Kaunas, Freiburg and Insbruck; author of several collections of poems. As a young man he joined a small group of older Lithuanian sculptors, whose work in the years of independence consisted almost without exception in the creation of monumental, harsh and synthetic forms, and he entered this group as an innovator. Because of this his sculpture is dynamic not only outwardly, in its physical appearance, but also in its intense internal meaning. The sculptures of the first stage -— the work he did in Lithuania and in his first years in Germany are marked by a dramatic quality they approach a classically academ ic style in form. A youthful dynamism and pathos characterizes this work.

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Bagrel Stained glass windows crumble and shop windows split. A river of copper water boils. His works integrate all the elements characteristic of Lithuanian letters — from Donelaitis to contemporary authors. Henrikas Nagys was readily accepted navys the youth and was influential among the younger generation of poets.

Children with wide wondering eyes stood in the streets. I am lonely and proud like my brother. His red lantern swings far off in the night. How good it is to cry the tears of native clouds. Henrikas Nagys. You hold your bow and arrow raised high. Often his poetry has a gloomy sense. Vivid, overly direct symbolism is replaced by sculpturally deeper ideas. My land shall live forever! Behind smoky basement windows an old woman smiles in her sleep.

This is characterized by a retreat from concrete characteristics and ideas of subject matter determined by classical and academic concepts. His rich vocabulary, his psychological insight and penetration, his dynamic style reach classic finish and perfection in this work.

Nagys matured poetically in the poetic tradition of Western Europe; R. In the hall of mirrors not a single person is left: We thirstily drank from the passing lips. He has studied at the universities of Kaunas, Freiburg and Insbruck; author of several collections of poems. In the land of blue snow there are no trees: Only their problems navys different. Yellow and round, like a copper plate. Someone passes by us laughing. We are trees — silent and dumb.

He introduces into his figure compositions not only the elements of pure sculpture but also elements of so — called pure form. On hot asphalt barefoot angels are dancing. Tonight I can feel — he leaves his house: In the old German town remember? Brass throats of trumpets scream blue sorrow. Warm lakes of moon milk are steaming in your dream. In the valley of the ebbing rivers there is no birthplace: Efua, in your dream the orange sun has ripened, naked bride of the morning and stone of innocence.

His poetry is youthful and committed. In the work yard tar-spattered dandelions sway in the wind. In the shadow of heavy counterforce, where an Angel blows the trumpet of Judgment, our footsteps stayed and echo.

On the ocean shore barefoot angels are dancing. Artificial moons flee through starless space. On the harbor pier barefoot angels are dancing. And I say to him:. TOP Related Posts.





Nagys Henrikas (1920-1996 m.)



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