The story begins with classical historicism, Ranke, and the professionalisation of historical studies. Before , however, he was not at all typical of German, and even less so of international, historiography. One of the major themes of twentieth century history has been the influence of the social sciences. Iggers devotes chapters to economic and social history in Germany Weber and historical sociology , American traditions of social history, the Annales in France, "historical social science" in post-war Germany, and Marxist historical science in the Soviet bloc and in Britain. Yet there was a firmly established tradition, extending from Bloch and Febvre to Le Goff, Duby, and to the present, that relied heavily on sources such as art, folklore, and customs and therefore encouraged more subtle, qualitative ways of thinking. It was one of a number of journals internationally that took a similar direction.

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Von bis lehrte er an der Roosevelt University in Chicago. The national tradition of historical thought from Herder to the present Deutsche Geschichtswissenschaft. Eine Kritik der traditionellen Geschichtsauffassung von Herder bis zur Gegenwart, zuerst , zuletzt Es gilt als klassischer Text der Historismus-Kritik. Im Jahr erhielt Iggers das Bundesverdienstkreuz 1. Iggers, Wilma A. Iggers: Zwei Seiten der Geschichte. Lebensbericht aus unruhigen Zeiten.

Englische Ausgabe: Two lives in uncertain times. Facing the challenges of the 20th century as scholars and citizens. Georg G. In: Andreas W. Daum , Hartmut Lehmann , James J. Sheehan Hrsg. With a biobibliographical guide. Monographien The Cult of Authority. The Political Philosophy of the Saint-Simonians. A Chapter in the Intellectual History of Totalitarianism. Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague , 2. The German Conception of History. Wesleyan University Press, Middletown, Connecticut Deutsche Ausgabe: Deutsche Geschichtswissenschaft.

Eine Kritik der traditionellen Geschichtsauffassung von Herder bis zur Gegenwart. New Directions in European Historiography. With a contribution by Norman Baker. Deutsche Ausgabe: Neue Geschichtswissenschaft. Vom Historismus zur historischen Sozialwissenschaft. Ein internationaler Vergleich. Geschichtswissenschaft im Mit einem Nachwort.

Englische Ausgabe: Historiography in the Twentieth Century. From Scientific Objectivity to the Postmodern Challenge. Deutsche Ausgabe: Geschichtskulturen: Weltgeschichte der Historiografie von bis heute. Herausgeberschaften The Doctrine of Saint-Simon. An Exposition. First year, — Translated with notes and an introduction by Georg G. Beacon Press, Boston u. Parker: International handbook of Historical Studies.

Contemporary Research and Theory. Syracuse University Press, Syracuse, N. Ein anderer historischer Blick. Beispiele ostdeutscher Sozialgeschichte.

Englische Ausgabe: Marxist historiography in transformation. East German social history in the s. Translated by Bruce Little. Neue Folge, Band Mai bis 1. Juni Edward Wang: Marxist Historiographies. A Global Perspective. Andreas W. Daum : Georg G.

Iggers — In: Central European History 51, Nr. Daum, Hartmut Lehmann , James J. Sheehan : The Second Generation. With a Biobibliographical Guide. Matthias Dohmen: Georg G. Iggers zum Edward Wang und Franz Fillafer Hrsg. Essays in Honor of Georg G. Larry Eugene Jones Hrsg. Gerald Diesener Hrsg. Perspektiven der Historiographiegeschichte, Geschichtstheorie, Sozial- und Kulturgeschichte.

In: Historische Zeitschrift. Franz L. Fillafer: Wissenschaftliche Nachrichten. In Memoriam Georg G. In: Geschichte und Gesellschaft, Jg. In: FAZ. NET , November online. Iggers: Refugee historians from Nazi Germany.

Political attitudes towards democracy. Iggers, renowned historian and civil rights activist. The Buffalo News , November , abgerufen am November englisch.

Daum: Georg G. Iggers In: Central European History. Band 51, , S. Daum, Hartmut Lehmann, James J. With a Biobibliographic Guide. New York , S.



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Historiography of Germany

Very precise editing of historic documents was a main concern in the 19th century, as exemplified by Monumenta Germaniae Historica. It published many thousands of documents, both chronicle and archival, for the study of German history broadly conceived from the end of the Roman Empire to The MGH was founded in Hanover in The first volume appeared in The editor from was Georg Heinrich Pertz to ; in he was succeeded by Georg Waitz Many eminent medievalists participated in the project, searching for and annotating documents. Starting with China and India, which gave a very limited scope to freedom, he moves to ancient Persia and Greece, which had much more sophisticated views, and then to Rome, which added a policy of rule by law.


Georg Iggers

This position makes it difficult for White to distinguish between history and propaganda and confronts him with the dilemma when on the one hand he emphatically repudiates the Holocaust deniers, but on the other hand is forced to maintain that all accounts of the Holocaust, provided they do not violate the facts, have equal explanatory value. This overlooks that although a multiplicity of interpretations of any series of events is possible, these are not arbitrary products of the historical imagination, but can be tested as to their factual validity and coherence. Faced with differing perspectives, historians can seldom reach a final consensus on historical problems, but are engaged in an ongoing dialogue following at least minimal agreement on what constitutes rational discourse. The paper further questions whether White in fact in his chapters on the master historians in Metahistory examined the great historical narratives of these historians but instead relied on a limited number of theoretical statements by these historians which were external to these narratives and left out of consideration the role which research and method played in the composition of their works. Publication Date:



Further information: Korean literature The tradition of Korean historiography was established with the Samguk Sagi , a history of Korea from its allegedly earliest times. It was completed in and relied not only on earlier Chinese histories for source material, but also on the Hwarang Segi written by the Silla historian Kim Daemun in the 8th century. The latter work is now lost. This work is considered much more accessible than the "Official Histories" for the Six dynasties , Tang dynasty , and Five Dynasties , and in practice superseded those works in the mind of the general reader. The Philippine archipelago has been part of many empires before the Spanish empire has arrived in the 16th century. Before the arrival of Spanish colonial powers the Philippines did not actually exist. Southeast Asia is classified as part of the Indosphere [27] [28] and the Sinosphere.

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