Focusing is the single most important mental skill associated with performance excellence. Focusing refers to the ability to concentrate totally on what you are doing, seeing, reading, hearing, learning, feeling, observing or experiencing while you are engaged in the activity or performance. Focusing fully not only allows you to connect totally with what you are experiencing, but also frees you to perform without being disturbed by distracting thoughts. Your skill at focusing affects your rate of learning as well as the quality of learning, practice, preparation, and performance. Your ability to direct and control your focus also affects your level of activation and relaxation.

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Their thinking cant hurt you. You dont have to be a hero. You can be whoever you want to be. Just being, with no pretense, its fine.. This quote is just one of many that makes you strive for excellence by helping to train your mind, by mentally training you to become great in sports and in everyday life.

In Pursuit of Excellence, by Terry Orlick, who is a sport psychologist, writes a nonfiction book about personal experience of what he has learned throughout his studies and what he has learned in his experience with talking with professional athletes around the world. The book digs deep into you by trying to teach you how to overcome certain obstacles to face in different roadblocks that you will face in different opportunities in life.

When reading this book I thought the structure of how he made up the book was very well organized as the author made sure different tasks, tips and reviews from athletes flowed.

However, I also thought it was very confusing at parts because at different chapters he would talk about a new topic, but when reading about the new topic it felt like I was reading about the previous topic from the last chapter. For example, in the chapter one it talks about commitment.

Excellence requires the development of strong, positive focusing skills, as well as an openness to learn from others. But, besides the beginning where the repetitive topics were the book flowed very well. For example it talks about what we should think about at the start of athletic events to get our minds prepared all the way until what we learn and should teach our mind to do at the end of an event.

I feel like anyone who is committed to try and make a difference with their mind and try and change things up to help with a certain roadblock, or anyone who wants to try and help to fix the way they think about something could read this book.

Personally, I liked this book. I found this book very enjoyable in the end because it had taught me valuable lessons of how to power through and succeed at certain things in my sports and in my life. This stook out to me because it connects to me and the world today. So, in conclusion, this book has taught me to be thankful and to realize how good I am and can be if I just take the right preparation and take the right mindset so I can develop and become great.


In Pursuit of Excellence: How to Win in Sport and Life Through Mental Training



The Wheel of Excellence



Welcome to the Zone of Excellence




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