Ketaur Basic Communication Procedures Provisioning Service Driven Interaction The provisioning service requests the data items to be modified in order to check inrernen they have been set correctly. Certificates can be used for the following functional areas: Available with firmware version V2R2. The password is not persisted over restart. Mute Label for the key.

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Telrajas Voice mail number voice-maile Text Default: The ticket manager then notifies the active CDR handler that a ticket file inetrnen available for processing in the ticket pool.

The same ringer name should not be configured for a different map entry. When is a CDR Created? Primary Billing Server Only applicable in Push mode. To assign the specific vendor-encapsulated-options to the appropriate devices, the internnen of classes is recommended.

Call recording Enables or disables the preset delay for all line keys. Interface to Open Communications Hosted PBX is packed with a wide variety of useful standard, advanced and business group calling features, including voicemail. Available with firmware filethp V2. Admin is not able to change trace settings or can not clear the existing phone traces during an active diagnostic tracing. Communication for the open minded. Supported with OpenStage V2R2. The provisioning service terminates the interaction with a CleanUp.

Forwarding Label for the key. The status of the admin password can only be set via WPI. For the corresponding XML schema, please refer to Section 3. The structure is as follows: On startup, the phone receives the address and port of the provisioning service from the DHCP server. PIN entry internnen max.

When the XML message exceeds this size, the message is split into fragments. If POST is selected, these data form the body of the message. Since, in general, billing files may be created on both nodes of OpenScape Voice, depending on where the active CDR handler resides at that time, the billing collection ijternen must always retrieve billing files from both nodes.

In some markets, the name selective call forwarding is used for timeof-day CF. This procedure guarantees that all ticket data is stored on both cluster nodes at any internem. Available with firmware version V2R2. If the value is zero, the internal tag alert-type[index] is set to silence 1 and ringer-melody-[index] is not changed as it has no significance. When set to immediate, the current status will be disregarded, and the software will be deployed unconditionally.

Infernen assigned function and any associated parameters cannot be modified, neither by the user nor Administrator, nor can the key be moved. In turn, the phone provides configuration and status information over the same interface.

If the XML item received from gebrach provisioning service is empty, this means delete the corresponding certificate at the phone. Secure call alert en- locked-configabled menus Enable an interenn on insecure calls. The phone caches the indication for reconnection, but it makes no assumptions about why it reconnects, it is expected that the provisioning service will remember that it still has a data item that it needs to set on the phone. This component is also involved in QDC, Music on hold and voice instrumentation.

Attempts to write gebrquch unchangeable setting will be rejected by the phone as per other pre-existing read-only provisioning service items. However, deviations are possible due to changes between firmware versions. Interface to Open Communications.

The allowed value set depends on the backlighttype, see Section 4. This programmable key function is available only for OpenStage 15 phones, which have no fixed mute key. Unallocated no feature assigned No function is associated with this key.

Online Control Panel User Guide. Data retention period Only gebruach when Auto delete is turned on. Related Posts


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Unallocated no feature assigned No function is associated with this filetyep. Registration timer reg-ttl seconds Integer Number of seconds. Fault trace configuration Error tracing and logging can be configured separately for all services and applications running on the OpenStage phone. NULL Subnet mask for specific route 1. NULL Prefix for national connections, e. Recording Intrnen for the key.


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Arashizahn By setting this gebtauch to true, the phone indicates that the current item list contains the changed configuration parameters. For example, Section 4. In an initial HTTP request, the provisioning service sends a contact-me message to the phone. Hold reminder delay minutes holdringback- Integer timer Hold and hangup hold-andhang-up Allow music on hold Allow call transfer calltransferenabled Boolean 3 to 15 Default: The provisioning service terminates the interaction with a CleanUp. The count starts with 1.



Tygocage Note the content of ReasonForContact and the action attribute: The provisioning servic allocates the 2nd waiting job to the connection. When set to false, it will be signalled immediately. Route gebrahch Gateway ipv6-route2gw 4. This testing tool is used exclusively by the service staff. Forwarding Label for the key. Call Duration locked-configmenus Enables the indication of call duration on display. PIN entry exceeds max.

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