This new Clio, the was based on the 3 door Clio II shell however had numerous features over the standard car including wider arches, restyled bumpers, side skirts and inch OZ F1 alloy wheels. Power was delivered by the F4R engine, a 2. Power was delivered to the wheels via a JC five-speed manual gearbox. The also featured interior changes over the standard car including Half Leather, Half Alcantara seats embossed with the RenaultSport logo and the car also came standard with manually controlled Air Conditioning.

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Okay, as all know, I have finally made up my mind that it is time for the longed-diff. I hesitated a long time if this was really something I was quiet in the country. After bore Emil with a few calls to gather the mental strength I decided me.

I have had access to an older English-Renault service manual for JC5 boxes. Unfortunately, during this work proved to be incomplete and have some weaknesses especially current performance on a JC box. Many thanks! Hopefully this can inspire more Renault racers to dare on this upgrade. However clarify that this is not intended as a guide, but rather is meant to facilitate a clue if anyone thinking of locking in Clio. Molybydenfett is also needed bla driving axle Here are the parts you least need to buy to change the differentiation Shim to differ with the dimensions written on the bags if anyone would like to buy a single Shim.

As I skrivt later in the thread was a lot of misery because I had the wrong stuff at first. Dispose of Renault sending the wrong stuff. Here is seen the difference between the incorrectly delivered JC part with integral gland and the structure sits on JC where the stock and stuffing box is a unit separate from management. Since I had the wrong parts of my box, unfortunately, we were able to destroy the stock seat to the input shaft.

So a new layer will be pressed in the box. Unfortunately, this means that the input shaft bearings games must shimsas on. Must be one of those "dial" which I have not a clue how to use. But it dissolves enough.

No picture on shimsen but the article number is shown below. Do not forget to tie up the cooler before you put subframe. The radiator is only in this and can drop from its upper mounts and fall down, I noticed Right-driving. This can not pull out before the gearbox is unshackled. No oil here. Mucky box, ready for washing. Here we see the misery in the coupling housing, oil everywhere.

Probably pack box behind urtrampningslagret who leaked. The box is cleaned and manual open. This is thus a manuelt directly on the shoulders not interact with the driver.

Since it can be loose nut and Torx screw that holds the two tows. See more on next slide With scouring warn and switch the fork over not in picture , it is time to pull away tows. I tried once with no ordinary screed it can go if you have a bloody turn. Some cross-lists are not, unfortunately. My experience is that the workshops are really nice and want to help, I have always had to borrow the tools I needed. Tool to draw the fifth "little" tows, units of Volvo language.

The tool to pull it off "large" Drevet mm, which you can see in at Renault language. Here you can see what is what. The spring-loaded steel balls run against traces of gear axes and the various gear positions.

Held on for hours and make a fuss because I missed remove this. Can not be disassembled box more than 15mm as long as it is left. Even back light sensor must be removed.


compatible gearboxes

Kagakora We can supply a huge range of high quality performance parts for road and track at very competitive prices. Our experienced staff can help with all technical enquiries on any of our parts and can guide you in the right direction. About 80 images so quite heavy. Gearbix have the Renault Manual for the JC gearbox let me know if you want me to mail it to you. Twingo 2 Twingo 2 RS. I found the t5 had the m59 and some had a lsd.


Clio 172 Gearbox JC5-129



Clio Renault Sport


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