Oct 27, Bharath rated it really liked it When this book was published, it created a massive controversy for Jaswant Singh, when the BJP leadership immediately sidelined him for writing a book assumed to glorify Jinnah. Quite possibly this decision was before anyone bothered to read the book. The title of the book I suppose conveyed the impression it did. This book is well worth a read since it is largely objective, though it is also boring in parts and could have been much crisper and a lot more readable. The book is actually quite When this book was published, it created a massive controversy for Jaswant Singh, when the BJP leadership immediately sidelined him for writing a book assumed to glorify Jinnah. The book is however, very critical of Nehru and the Congress especially in the s and s and even after , and how it pushed Jinnah from being a votary of Hindu — Muslim unity to demand a separate homeland for Muslims, and emerge as the Quaid-e-Azam of Pakistan.

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The thesis followed by him, indeed, proves Jinnah not only the Quaid-i-Azam of Pakistan but also of the entire sub-continent. Vajpayee and L. K Advani had also made similar remarks during their visits to Pakistan. In reality, Indo-Pak relations suffer from the pitfall of historical memories of the partition and more so by the conjured description of the events by pseudo historian, intellectuals and self-seeking politicians with run of the mill approach towards the issues affecting the common populace.

India-Pakistan affairs have been especially hostage to the cold-blooded communal leaders and a better part of Indian media, who keep the case of communal divide alive even at the cost of misery of hundreds of millions. If a realisation like Jaswant, Advani and Vajpayee takes root in India and people take lesson from whatever they expressed, albeit at the twilight of their political career, I am certain that India and Pakistan can soon take the road to reconciliation and thus resolution of everything that remains up in the air for last over six decades.

That it was not Jinnah, but Nehru whose adamant opposition to giving the Muslims in India a voice in national policies sealed the break of the country is a fact well hidden, mentioned only in a few books by English authors. While in India, Jinnah is demonised, as Mr. Singh points out, in Pakistan, he is glorified for fighting for a separate homeland for Muslims.

No one, it seems, has grasped the fact that Jinnah stood for a real federation and that he wanted rights for the largest minority in India, not to break it up. He wanted joint rule by the Congress and the Muslim League. And while they cannot undo partition, they can surely try and rebuild the nation through the lens that Jinnah saw it as - a free, educated and perfectly safe country for people of all religions, castes and creeds.

Incidentally, the RSS has already refuted Mr. Let us see what our own brand of the RSS will do. The least that we should do is to correct all the history books which are nothing but distortions of what happened.

In Pakistan we have not only falisfied , but also Will we continue teaching our children made up stories?


Jaswant Singh

Later he became Minister of Finance with Yashwant Sinha. He was also the Defence Minister when George Fernandes was forced to resign after the Tehelka exposure. Singh is widely regarded for his handling of relations with the United States which were strained after the Indian nuclear tests but which ameliorated soon after culminating in the visit of U. President Bill Clinton to India. His skill as a negotiator and diplomat during talks with the United States has been well acknowledged by his U. Singh has been frequently criticized by political parties for escorting terrorists to Kandhahar , Afghanistan. They were released by the Government of India in exchange for passengers from a hijacked Indian Airlines plane.


Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence



Jinnah was a great man: Jaswant Singh


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