Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Austria Belgium France Germany. Definitions Economics Fascism and ideology Fascism worldwide Symbolism. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Elections in that year had given the Parti Rexiste 21 deputies and 12 senatorsalthough its influence declined by when it managed to win only four seats in each Chamber. A—K ] in German.

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During his time at this publication, he became attracted to the ideas of Charles Maurras and French Integralism. Until , Degrelle worked as a correspondent for the paper in Mexico , during the Cristero War.

The Rexist group, including the likes of Jean Denis , separated itself from the Catholic Party in , after a meeting in Kortrijk. The newly formed party was heavily influenced by Fascism and Corporatism but also included several elements interested solely in Nationalism or Ultramontanism ; it had a vision of social equality that drew comparisons with Marxism but was staunchly anti-communist anti-bolshevik.

The party also came to denounce political corruption in Belgian politics. In , in which Rex reached peak votes, it drew its support from Brussels Elections in that year had given the Parti Rexiste 21 deputies and 12 senators , although its influence declined by when it managed to win only four seats in each Chamber.

The party progressively added Nazi -inspired Antisemitism to its agenda[ citation needed ], and soon established contacts with fascist movements around Europe. After the Germans invaded Belgium on 10 May , the Rexist Party split over the matter of resistance. He was arrested as a suspected collaborator and evacuated to France. He was later released when the occupation began. Degrelle joined the Walloon legion of the Wehrmacht , which was raised in August , to fight against the Soviet Union on the Eastern Front.

The leadership of the Rexists then passed to Victor Matthys. Lacking any previous military service, Degrelle joined as a private and was awarded the Iron Cross Second Class in March He quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a lieutenant in May , and received the Iron Cross First Class the same month.

Initially, the group was meant to represent a continuation of the Belgian Army , and fought as such during Operation Barbarossa , while integrating many Walloons who had volunteered for service. On 25 July , in his native Bouillon, Degrelle was told by Dean Rev Poncelet to leave a Requiem Mass , because he was wearing his SS uniform, which church authorities had prohibited.

Degrelle was excommunicated by the Bishop of Namur , but the excommunication was later lifted by the Germans since as a German officer he was under the jurisdiction of the German chaplaincy. During the battle of the Korsun-Cherkassy Pocket , fought from 24 January to 16 February , the Wallonien was given the task of defending against Soviet attacks on the eastern side of the pocket.

While General Wilhelm Stemmermann , the overall commander for the trapped forces, moved them to the west of the pocket in readiness for a breakout attempt, Wallonien and Wiking were ordered to act as a rearguard. After Lippert was killed, Degrelle took command of the Brigade, and the Wallonien began its withdrawal under heavy fire. Degrelle later claimed Hitler told him, "You are truly unique in history. You are a political leader who fights like a soldier.

If I had a son, I would want him to be like you. The unit was sent back to Wildflecken to be reformed. In June , a man battalion of the Wallonien was sent to Estonia to assist in the defence of the Tannenberg Line. The battalion left through the port of Tallinn Reval on the Baltic Sea.

The remnants of the Battalion were sent back to join the rest of the brigade, which was located at Breslau. Shortly afterwards, a Rexist hit squad executed pharmacist Henri Charles. He commanded Sturmbrigade Wallonien from 18 September to 8 May He led the unit in the defense of Estonia against the Soviets. Although, none of his injuries were serious enough to require hospitalization.


León Degrelle, la última reliquia del nazismo, escribe sus memorias en Madrid



memorias de un fascista de degrelle leon



Léon Degrelle


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