The corpus was composed between the 9th and 14th centuries by poets from Norway and its settlements throughout Europe, especially Iceland. The dictionary will replace earlier works not updated since the s and is closely related to the Skaldic Project skaldic. Lexicon Poeticum gives us an understanding of not only the language but also the thought world of Viking and medieval Scandinavia. The project develops interfaces and data models for treating complex texts, allowing links between the material evidence for the poetry manuscripts and runic inscriptions and its words, the poetry itself, and the dictionary.

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Lexicon Poeticum

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Danemark Objectif The proposed project will establish me as the leader of the next generation of researchers in key fields of Old Norse studies. I will gain a major new disciplinary base in my broader field and experience in leading a major project which will help to train and engage a new generation of scholars. The project analyses the language of Old Norse skaldic poetry, one of the main sources for the history, culture and religion of early Scandinavia. It is a highly valuable corpus for many fields: much of it dates from the Viking Age and was the principle source for medieval historians for that period. Its language and form is extremely complex, which has made it inaccessible to non-specialist scholars and the general public.



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