That is the frame, but the book has a nonlinear narrative, and memories, reflection, emotions and random thoughts intertwine with the base story. It is told in one breath, sounding almost like an intimate conversation of the author with himself where all of his most profound and ugliest emotions come out, seasoned with a lot of cursing and dark humor a very disrespectful toward everybody, but I have to admit I laughed a few times. The physical deterioration that his brother is experiencing from day to day due to the terminal illness, the author uses to create a dark and heavy atmosphere where his brokenness, anger, and frustration are tangled in with a critique of the moral wickedness of his mother, corrupted Colombian politicians and pope and the Church. He is particularly angry at mother and the pope. He is furious on the Church in Colombia, that should protect people and failed to do so, preaching the moral unobtainable for the author and the priests, who author finds hypocritical. He was in a dark place of meaninglessness and despair when he wrote this book and being in that place with him was immensely depressing.

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In AprilVallejo obtained Mexican citizenship and published a letter in which he publicly renounced his Colombian nationality. Yo creo que la muerte es absoluta. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Despite time spent in other libor, mainly Europe and the United States, most of his novels take place in Colombia.

Views Read Edit View history. Description Fernando returns home fednando a prolonged absence to attend to his most beloved brother, Dario, an AIDS patient whose health is slowly deteriorating owing to his alcohol and marijuana use. Archived from the original on He is frenando as an animal rights defender and vegan[3] and because of his antinatalist views, he has no children.

Yet after difficulties with the Colombian Government eesbarrancadero producing and, after he produced it, in presenting his first film it was censoredhe decided to leave his country. Spectres of La Violencia Woodbridge: De deseo y de terror. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Uno se da cuenta de que fue feliz en el recuerdo. Este hombre es un heterodoxo extraordinario.

Yo soy un caos. No llevo la fecha; uno se va muriendo de a poquito, uno no se muere de golpe. This page was last edited on 4 Decemberat Desbarrancadeo en mi libro El fuego secreto, llena de incidentes y de cosas. Boydell and Brewer,pp. Yo estuve vaolejo veces al borde de matarme; no soportaba tantas locuras, tantas cosas.

Vallejo indulges in digressions into past memories that they both share, which include endless adolescent partying and homosexual love affairs. Es una lista de adjetivos; se los puse para contraponerlos a los que merece su mujer, que es muy mala. Es un procedimiento literario: Vimos en Sabaneta a los sicarios de los que usted habla en su libro. Hasta que se muera ella o me muera yo. He is an atheist and fiercely critical of religion. Estaba diciendo cosas que son necesarias de escribir, pero lo estaba haciendo con demasiada facilidad.

Fernando Vallejo — Wikipedia Retrieved 4 December Pero tiene cosas que lo hacen menos odioso, como que toca Mozart al piano, y tiene vsllejo y los quiere. By using our website you agree desbarrancaxero our use of cookies. El amor no se tiene, se va adquiriendo, y ahora veo claramente que los animales son iguales a nosotros. In Mexico he produced and distributed three films about the violence in Colombia. TOP Related Articles.


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