The guests were shown all the rare collections of Sanskrit scriptures and literature, painstakingly gathered from various sources. It was indeed an impressive collection. But there was one small handwritten note book which surprised them the most. What were the contents of that book?

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Samugar We hope they will deem it an invaluable addition to their libraries, and find it an ever interesting companion. Each of these types had been fully described. The base is to be 3 feet long and 2 feet wide, and made of krouncha metal. Venkatrama Sastry and brought the Mss. It should he rolled in coils just as a snake circles up in coils and sleeps. Then the patormikaa key should be turned, whereby the patormikaa will become wide open preventing any air from entering the crystal by covering it completely.

When the electrified rays from the crystal are passed onto the downward facing mirror, they will explore the ground over which the vimaana is to pass, and discover mines and bombs like mahagola and shzstra, which may have caimanika inserted there and reflect their complete picture in the crystal in the acid vessel. We thank God for His gracious favour. In the eastern opening should be fixed the 2 right-revolving wheels. Venkatachala Sarma, who took down the whole in 23 exercise books up to Now we shall deal with the expanding mechanism.

The finance required was considerable, and as no help was forthcoming, we had to scrape together the meagre savings of a life-time, procure needful printing equipment at mounting costs, engage labour at emergency rates, and at long last, with the help of Divine grace, are able to herald the birth of the volume, which has been in gestation for over ninety years! The Maharaja of Mysore invited us, and after offering Tea, wanted the Manuscript for being shown to Dr.

Their names are p. From the centre of it 4 kendras or centres are to be marked. Drawing the electrical energy from the dynamo, it must be applied to the triple-wheeled mechanism. Tripura Vimana Go Back Next: To the west of it a globular ball made of vaatapaa glass with a wide open mouth should be fixed.

Here Is Proof! To the north-east ehastra be fixed the chakradanti naala for attracting the kulikaa force. In his introduction, Hare writes. We are in possession of 6 issues of that rare Journal which came to us by Divine grace. The pilot should get warned by the ushna-pramaapaka yantra, or heat-measuring instrument, and quickly fold the concerned parts and ensure their safety.

Chaalana and other motions may therefore be said to result from panjaraa shakti. In each group the force content is said to be 1,67, By mixing them, 16 kinds of bhagadwaja metals are produced. Rods made of mixed metal like umbrella rods, provided with 5 springs, should connect the springs in the pole with the several limb mechanisms of the vimaana.

Josyer read out passages referred to preparation of imitation diamonds and pearls. We only hold that for Indians, or others, to wipe out the Vedas is absurd! The composition of the cloth is as follows: On sighting an enemy sastra, by turning the switch in the force centre in the middle section of the Vimana, a revolutions an hour atmospheric wave speed will be generated, and shake up the enemy plane.

A few chapters deal with construction of villages, cities and towns, fortresses, palaces and temples. Then the solar rays and electric current should be passed into the acid vessel containing the crystal. Mixing pomegranate juice, bilva or bael oil, copper-salt, kitchen smoke, granthika orgugul liquid, mustard powder, and fish scale decoctions, and adding sea-shell and rock-salt powder, and collecting smoke of the same solution and spreading it with solar heat enveloping the cover, the Maharsih will have the appearance of a cloud.

All these various activities bharadwaj by the prime force of the vimana. We went shasrra this detailed debunking of our high flying mythology by the fine folks at the Indian Institute of Science. There are discourses on the structure of the atmosphere, aeronautic hazards and how to avoid them, and even a section on diet and clothing for aviators! TOP Related Posts.


Vaimanika Shastra – Treatise on Ancient Indian Flying Machines or Pseudoscience?

As this was highly appreciated by the public he continued his researches. Ranade and Late Lalji Narayanji a prominent merchant of Mumbai. They were very pleased with the equipment and gave reward to the inventor. The aeroplane itself apparently had to await a favorable wind in order to take its flight from the ground. Talpade died in at the age of The Town Hall was opened for exhibition in the year



We are thankful to Dr. Air Cmde. M, Bangalore. Maheshwar Sharon, Dept. Didolkar, Sri. Deepak Deshpande, Sri. Bharatiya Boudhika Sampada Nagpur.

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