Publishing under our own high-flying trademark, we have positioned ourselves as a credible name among the competitive exam publishers and readers all over India. As a publisher, a great responsibility is entrusted on us by time to shape the intellect of the people, generate productive thoughts and offer avenues of knowledge, which will ensure a flourishing future for all. Books are not merely a business for us but a way of life, destination of enterprise and the origin of our inspirations. We stepped into the publishing sector in as a partnership firm and have never looked behind since then. Years later when we think of writing a successful history of this firm and researched for the same, then we come to know that the inspiration of the founder for that must be the soil of which he belongs, that is Bihar.

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Note: This is to inform all our subscribers that ordered from 1st to 31st of a month will be sent on 25th of next month through registered post or courier. Descripation: Pratiyogita kiran pratiyogita kiran subscription online pratiyogita kiran magazine He always utters, Pratiyogita kiran he that is down needs fear no fall Good seeds bear good fruits.

We would like to send this perception to one and all. Though roots of education are bitter, but fruits are sweet. Pratiyogita kiran We have solemn objective in mind to provide qualitative academic expertise to aspiring youths that will boost their moral for stellar performance in various competitive exams. Pratiyogita kiran We intend to share every bit of information about different competitive exams to keep them abreast of the severity of the challenge lying ahead.

In short we believe in total educational guidance. Our mission is not lackadaisical pratiyogita kiran subscription online but well determined. My younger brother Mr. Prasad is a humble and down to earth person is editor of monthly competitive magazine pratiyogita kiran subscription online that has shaped the career of thousands of readers all over India.

This can now be subscribed through www. A man with distinct view and distant vision. He has earned a good name in the world of publication. He started with almost nothing. The path he rode was not smooth, but filled with sharp pebbles. As failures are pillars of success, every hardship strengthened his determination and dedication to his duty. He dreamt, he acted and he achieved. In a nutshell, he achieved success by the sweat of his brow.

He always aspired to inspire. His inspiration never deviates from the destination. His humility belittles any sort of achievement. India s leading Magazine Subscription Company.

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