Samsung Bluetooth Headset User Manual. WEP Headsets pdf manual download. This Samsung Bluetooth headset is a Bluetooth version 2. Please leave a like, share, and subscribe for more guides. Fashion music headphone wireless Bluetooth stereo V3.

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So how do you get the two devices talking to each other? Samsung bluetooth headset pairing really is simple; here we talk you through how to get going. In order to pair your bluetooth device with your phone, there are three simple steps. First, you need to make your headset visible to your phone. Next you need to use your phone to locate your headset. Finally, you secure the connection. It really is that easy and should only take a matter of seconds!

Preparing the Samsung bluetooth headset OK, so it might not seem logical, but for many Samsung bluetooth headsets such as the WEP you need to ensure the device is switched off to get started. After about 8 seconds, the blue indicator light should generally stay solid to let you know that pairing mode is activated.

In models such as the HM and HM, the device needs to be on in order to begin pairing. Once in pairing mode, you will generally have two to three minutes to find your headset from your mobile. Finding the Samsung bluetooth headset Once your headset is in pairing mode, you need to locate the appropriate device from your smartphone.

Your phone should automatically scan for available devices. This may take a few seconds. When it has finished scanning, a list of found devices will be displayed. Simply select your headset device from the options displayed by tapping on the relevant option.

Also ensure that your phone and headset are within a few feet of each other. Securing your connection When you select your headset device, you may be prompted to enter a security passkey. How to: Samsung bluetooth headset pairing So pairing your Samsung bluetooth headset with your smartphone is a straightforward process and should have you multitasking in no time.

This article has explained how to pair your Samsung bluetooth headset with a smartphone. However you can of course use your headset with a whole range of other devices such as tablets and MP3 players. In each case, the fundamental pairing process is similar to with a phone although the specific options may vary slightly.


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